No, Shigeru Miyamoto Is Not Retiring From Nintendo

Posted by on December 8, 2011 at 6:27 pm

Guys. Shigeru Miyamoto is nearly sixty years old. He’s spent more than half of his life at Nintendo, working from a lowly game designer to eventually become the creative director of the company. He’s the poster boy of the Mario-helmed company (well, boy being a loose term) and has ultimately steered its destiny, turned Nintendo into a household name. He’s not going away. He’s not retiring. He’s just working on smaller games now.

Can you blame him, though? After essentially shaping the entire direction of Nintendo, what was known once merely for collectible cards and even “love hotels”, Miyamoto had fallen to a producer role for the wide variety of games that came out of their umbrella. I say ‘fallen’, because while he had a greater effect at the company, he never did get involved with games in the same way he had as he started. This is the man who brought us Super Mario Bros., Zelda, and a score of other household titles including the more contemporary Pikmin (which didn’t quite get the franchise appreciation that his other hits did) and Wii Fit, which became a crowd favorite amongst housewives and New Years’ resolutionists that weren’t up for shelling thousands on treadmills and stair-steppers.

In my heart’s heart, as a Millennial who grew up during the peak of Nintendo’s initial influence, it would be great for Miyamoto to spend his time, now that he’s building “small” games, to go multi-platform. Obviously, he has an incredible loyalty to Nintendo, but what if he could branch out to iPhone or Android games? What about XBLA or PSN releases? Sure, he was the brainchild (again, child being a loose term) behind the Wii remote, in which we learned to flick and jab, but he can do that on a variety of other platforms now. It would be really great if Miyamoto could go out and really experiment.

Time will tell, but Miyamoto still has his wagon hooked up to Nintendo’s star. Who knows what he’ll do…

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