Notch Steps Down As Minecraft King

Posted by on December 2, 2011 at 1:37 pm

On his blog today, Minecraft developer Notch (real name: Markus Persson) is stepping down as project lead for the game, two weeks after the game went “1.0”. It’s not hard to blame him, if I’d been working on the same game for years and my reputation was primarily banked on its runaway success, I’d be looking forward to moving on and exploring the galaxy of game ideas I’ve built up in my brain. Of course, now that he’s infused with millions of those Minecraft dollars, he can basically do anything he wants.

Taking his place is colleague Jens Bergensten who’s been with Mojang AB for the past year. Notch says that they are ‘in synch’ when it comes to ideas, but honestly, we’re curious if they’re going to continue to do weird feature updates and promise stuff that never seem to find their way in. I know Kelly, who has run our Minecraft server, is mad about the inconsistency between versions and the fact that helpful third-party Minecraft server mods haven’t made their way to the game while Notch plays other games and works on stuff like the Pocket and Xbox Live Arcade versions when not finishing up the flagship edition. Honestly, it’s irritating on our end that while Minecraft is fun at a base level, it’s really been the mods that have made it a great game. It’s those mods that have allowed for some of the craziest structures you’ve seen in tons of Minecraft videos.

Still, we wish Notch the best on his new Mojang endeavor, which is described as ‘some new project’. I’m honestly kinda hoping that, despite his reputation of disclosing most of the game before it’s done (I followed his work before Minecraft and he would make time-lapse videos of how he builds the game), I kinda hope he saves it for some late stage/”it’s basically done” stage, instead of peddling us along with promised features. Speaking of Minecraft, maybe some day we’ll pop back onto our server and give you more videos! Maybe?

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