Star Wars : The Old Republic Early Game Access Update

Posted by on December 14, 2011 at 11:00 am

Star Wars : The Old Republic started its early game access (EGA) program yesterday morning for NA customers and things seem to be moving along quite nicely.

The first few waves of invites only covered players who had gotten in on the pre-order spike around the 21st of July, which had players worried about when they would get in to the game.

Read on to find out where they are with the invites, as of now.

As of the final round yesterday, BioWare / EA had sent out 5 waves of invites, covering the main spike of preorders from July. This, naturally, led to a lot of complaining and people breaking out the 55 gallon drums of haterade because their late October pre-order hadn’t scored them a spot in the game.

Of course it also led to screams of “worst launch evar” and “omg wtf fail!” from those who don’t really understand what is going on, as well as people putting on Simple Plan albums and crying themselves into a coma.

As of this morning, the hate was increasing as the massive show of entitlement kicked in from many people who started making forum posts about how badly the EARLY FUCKING ACCESS is moving along and how much BioWare fails because they ordered 2 months after their friends but didn’t get in on the same wave of invites.

Apparently, they don’t understand the trickle system.

So here is where we are now, as of 1100 CST :

According to Stephen Reid, community manager for Star Wars : The Old Republic, there will be 4 waves of invites today. Three of those waves are confirmed as sent out at 0800 CST, 0900 CST, and 1000 CST. The fourth and final wave may or may not have gone out, there is no official confirmation.

As of the time of this writing, forum users confirm that everyone from July, August and September are in (again, NA only) and some people from early October are reporting that they have been granted access.

Many people in the forums are asking for a “bonus wave” from BioWare which may or may not happen (I am guessing it won’t but it would be cool if it did) and the whining seems to be slowing a bit as players get their invites, dry their tears and set off to play the game.

With BioWare having covered 3 months worth of pre-orders today, I think it is a safe bet that the majority of the remaining NA players will get their invites tomorrow and everyone will be playing.

If any major changes occur, I will update this article accordingly but for now, that’s the story.

UPDATE : Stephen Reid has confirmed that the 4th wave of invites went out AR 1100 CST. More players with early October pre-orders are confirming that their invites have arrived.

This puts BioWare well in position for having all of their invites sent out by tomorrow or Friday.

Another update: Stephen Reid has posted again saying that the rest of October and “up to the last week or so of November” will be included in tomorrow’s waves of invites. This SHOULD mean all pre-order customers will have access by the end of Friday. That’s just speculation but I think it is a fair bet. I will post more later.

Update time. Stephen Reid has made another post indicating they are going to be a bit more aggressive with today’s invites than they had planned, though they will be spreading them out a little more.

Here’s what he had to say :

Morning everyone!

We’re starting to send out more invites for today.

Here’s the good news: overnight we decided to send out more invites than we had originally planned. However, we’ll be spacing those invites out, which means we’ll have more ‘waves’ than the previous four-per-day. We are inviting more people today than we did during yesterday.

I’ll update this thread as we send invites. As a reminder, we’re also updating our official Twitter accounts (@SWTOR, @SWTOR_FR and @SWTOR_DE) with the invites as they sent; that’ll be more up-to-the-minute than this post.

For anyone who’s not yet been invited, remember to have the email address in your address book so it doesn’t hit spam filters.

Assuming you have the SWTOR client installed, you can also periodically launch it. If you’re ready to go your ‘play’ button will be click-able.

Wave One was sent at 8AM CST (6AM PST / 9AM EST / 2PM GMT / 3PM CET).

Another update: BioWare has now sent out 6 waves today, every hour, since 0800 CST (with the last one being at 1315 CST). No word, as yet, on how many more waves will be going out today but it looks like they are up through Dec. 3rd so if you redeemed before then, check your email.

So there you have it. Mass invites over the course of the day.

Stay tuned for more updates as more info becomes available.

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  • Izzo

    Very informative. Thanks man. I’m not one of the crybabies, they told us in advance how it would work, but this gives me hope that I may get to play before this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many of these people who were already bitching will find out that people like me who cancel their pre-orders(for financial reasons months ago) still got into Early-Access.

    • shhhh…

      If any of them read that, they’re going to lynch you and it isn’t going to be our fault!

  • Trojianmaru

    I’m not bitching in the slightest but seems a little unfair that north america (I assume that’s what NA meant) players who pre-ordered in october are now playing yet people like me who live in England and pre-ordered waaay back in august, (pretty much the very day I even heard about pre-orders) are still waiting. not showing much love to their european players 

    • Good chance you’ll be getting in today, good sir.

      • Trojianmaru

        you are right FleshEatingZipper, I am now happily playing Star Wars The Old Republic ^^ my only complaint now is because of my terrible internet, the lag is immense. but I shall push through for the fun of electrocuting people ^^

        • I’d guessed as much. They’ve apparently done 5 waves so far today and are supposed to continue on with that throughout the day so hopefully they will get the majority of the pre-orders done and the QQ’ing on the forums can stop.