Star Wars: The Old Republic Guide – Datacron Locations

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Star Wars : The Old Republic (SWTOR) has tons of hidden goodies and extras. Today we’re going to be talking about datacrons.

Datacrons are objects in the game which will boost your stats, permanently, for no cost or negative effect. These objects are found laying around in various places and on different planets so finding them can be a bit tough.

For that reason, we are proud to present you all with a list of the known datacrons, and their locations.

We will be doing this alphabetically, by planet. This information has been sourced from myriad locations, including IGN, various WIKIS, the SWTOR guide written by Dealenn from the guild Liberi Fatali and my own experiences during testing and playing the game, because NOBODY has this all in one place, at this point, so if there are any inconsistencies, please let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it.


I’m going to give these to you page by page, nicely linked, so they will be easy to sort through.

Click on a link, below, for the information

Dromund Kaas
Nar Shaddaa
Ord Mantell

Datacrons are small cubes hidden throughout the universe of SWTOR. They either give boosts to a single stat or they give you a matrix shard. Each type of datacron has a specific color: Strength: Red Endurance: Green Willpower: Purple Cunning: Orange Aim: White Presence: Yellow Shards: Also White (but instead of there being a symbol on the side of the cube these have a pattern of dots that form a cross on each side of the cube.

There are 4 different colors of shards: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. These shards can be used to make Matrix cubes which I will talk about later. The datacrons also glow and emit a pillar of colored light into the sky making them more visible if they are in the open. They also make a sound that you can hear when you are in the close vicinity of a datacron.

Datacrons by planet

There are a total of 66 Datacrons in the SWTOR universe. Here are their locations by planet.

GH = Galactic Histories

Hutta: Aim +2 (GH 1) Presence +2 (GH 2) Blue Shard (GH 3)

Tython: Endurance +2 (GH 9) Willpower +2 (GH 10) Blue Shard (GH 11) Ord Mantell: Aim +2 (GH12) Presence +2 (GH 13) Red Shard (GH 14)

Korriban: Endurance +2 (GH 15) Willpower +2 (GH 16) Red Shard (GH 17)

Coruscant: Endurance +2 (GH 4) Cunning +2 (GH 5) Yellow Shard (GH 6) Strength +2 (GH 7) Presence +2 (GH 8 )

Dromund Kaas: Yellow Shard (GH 18) Strength +2 (GH 19) Endurance (GH 20) Presence +2 (GH 21) Cunning +2 (GH 22)


(Republic): (GH 23-27) Aim +2 (GH 23) Cunning +2 Green Shard Strength +2 Willpower +2 Balmorra

(Empire): Aim +2 (GH 28) Cunning +2 (GH 29) Green Shard (GH 30) Strength +2 (GH 31) Willpower +2 (GH 32)

Nar Shaddaa: Aim +3 (GH 33) Cunning +3 (GH 34) Presence +3 (GH 35) Yellow Shard (GH 36) Strength +3 (GH 37)

Tatooine: Aim +3 (GH 38) Cunning +3 (GH 39) Blue Shard (GH 40) Strength +3 (GH 41) Willpower +3 (GH 42)

Alderaan: Aim +4 (GH 43) Endurance +3 (GH 44) Presence +3 (GH 45) Strength +4 (GH 46) Willpower +3 (GH 47)

Taris (Empire): Endurance +3 (GH 48) Aim +4 (GH 49) Willpower +4 (GH 50) Presence +4 (GH 51) Cunning +4 (GH 52)

Balmorra (Republic): (GH 53-57) Endurance +3 Aim +4 Willpower +4 Presence +4 Cunning +4

Quesh: Cunning +4 (GH 58) Endurance +4 (GH 59) Strength +4 (GH 60)

Hoth: Cunning +4 (GH 63) Endurance +4 (GH 64) Presence +4 (GH 65) Red Shard (GH 66) Strength +4 (GH 67?)

Belsavis: Aim +4 (GH 68) Endurance +4 (GH 69) Presence +4 (GH 70) Green Shard (GH 71) Willpower +4 (GH 72)

Voss: Endurance +4 (GH 73) Cunning +4 (GH 74) Presence +4 (GH 75) Strength +4 (GH 76) Willpower +4 (GH 77)

Corellia: Green Shard (GH 61) Blue Shard (GH 62) Aim +4 (GH 78) Willpower +4 (GH 79) Presence +4 (GH 80) Cunning +4 (GH 81) Strength +4 (GH 82)

Ilum: Aim +4 (GH 83) Endurance +4 (GH 84) Red Shard (GH 85) Yellow Shard (GH 86) Willpower +4 (GH 87)

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  • Dork_hollywood

    Rob it would be worth mentioning that Datacron 1, Strength, is Empire only. The access to reach the Kamora region to the north (Republic area), is barred, it’s not possible to stealth past them either.
    The rest of the land is blocked by unclimbable mountains.

    • Thank you for that information. I will update the list to reflect that.

      • Dork_hollywood

        Rob apologies I’ve posted this on the wrong page. The information was regarding Alderaan and the Strength datacron being Empire only.

        For Balmorra, you haven’t a listing for the Presence +4 datacron, which is located behind Lord Vardax at the same location of  X:726, Y:2030 [should be positive 2030, not negative]. It’s also accessed at (718, 1860) as you’ve indicated above.
        However, I was unable to find Godfather anymore. None the less it seems the Strength datacron may no longer exist, possibly replaced by this Presence one instead.

        • Dork_Hollywood

          Thinking about this further, it could be that the datacron is in the same location but of course because places like Balmorra are separate instanced, with identical world geometry, then the datacron is different dependant on Empire or Republic.

          Thus you could add another entry below strength, as presence for Republic.

        • no worries on the comment placement. They end up universal to the article as a whole.

          I’ll look in to the Balmorra datacron situation as well and will update as soon as I can.

          thanks a ton for the info!

        • no worries on the comment placement. They end up universal to the article as a whole.

          I’ll look in to the Balmorra datacron situation as well and will update as soon as I can.

          thanks a ton for the info!

          • Dork_Hollywood

            Rob, please accept my apologies regarding the Strength datacron on Alderaan. It looks like now that they’ve moved some of the mobs back to where they were before, so Republic can get to the Kaamos territory with no problem.

            Additionally, you do not need the MGGS item.
            Once you jump onto the dam, there’s a ladder nearby the datacron. You just jump up it one at a time until you reach the datacron ledge.

            After I did it, I found this guy’s video if it’s any help :

  • John

    Could you elaborate on the willpower datacron on Corellia please?

  • Axtor

    Anyway to access the blue matrix shard? any ideas?

  • Darth Nikon (Anchorhead)

    This Corellia Datacron appears to be Rebulic only, unless someone can tell an Empire player how to get to Blastfield shipyards.

    Datacron 5: Located at (X:703, Y:1718) Reward: Willpower +4 – The fifth Datacron is Located in the Blastfield Shipyards

    • Darth Nikon (Anchorhead)

      This being said, the codex shows 5 datacrons for Corellia (empire side) but the provided list only gets me 4. where is the 5th empire datacron?

  • Darth Nikon (Anchorhead)

    5th EMPIRE Datacron (PINK) located at Incorporation Islands (-2408, 2945) on a tram bridge support.
    To get to this one you need to ride a “Carrier droid” that carries a rock and hop off on to the support beam.there are two carrier droids and they do fly right by each other. there are 2 options here.OPTION 1:jump on to a carrier droid as it leaves from (-2101, 2897) and ride it all the way there, I found the timing on this jump to be VERY ANNOYING.OPTION 2: (this was personally easier for me)From near (-2292, 2888) jump off the edge onto either one of the Carrier droids.if you catch the one returning from the Datacron its possible to jump to the other Carrier Droid as it passes.If you catch the one headed towards the Datacron, you win!

  • For the Green matrix shard on Corellia How do you access the Museum if you all ready did the quest? lol I started Datacron hunting at lvl 50 and the door to enter is red =(

    • Ssjdavid

      Where is this datacron? I’m at the location for it, but I dotn see anything?

  • NuclearTwinkie

    You may want to mention on Taris Datacron 2 that you need to enter Dynamet General Hospital RESEARCH LEVEL. Otherwise people may get lost if they enter the main hospital level.

    • venjer

      I went to the location posted for the blue matrix shard in labor valley, but it doesnt show up at this location. Any thoughts?

      • Venjer

        EDIT* found it, ill be going to specsavers in the morning

  • Bobcollins

    This guide helped me out tons on learning everthing I needed.  Check it out it might help you too.