Star Wars : The Old Republic – No “Grace Period” For Pre-Orders. Mass Crying Ensues

Posted by on December 7, 2011 at 10:54 pm

Today, Stephen Reid – Community Manager for EA / Bioware – linked a FAQ via twitter which announced that there will be no grace period for people who pre-ordered Star Wars : The Old Republic. That is to say – If you pre-ordered and got in to the early play program but haven’t received your hard-copy and entered your registration code by launch, you will be unable to play the game until such time as you do.

And the internet exploded.

Well over 4,000 posts were hammered out on the SWTOR forums, showing everything from apathy to the lol’s of people who went digital distro. (Like I did) to full blown nerd-rage. One guy even said something about burning cars and looting…Not kidding here.

So here’s what happened.

Originally, EA / BioWare indicated that there would be a grace period during which players would be able to play the game whilst waiting for their copy to arrive, as long as they had pre-ordered it and had their early-access code.

Here’s what the FAQ said:

The Game officially launches on December 20th, 2011 at 12:01AM EST (Pacific: December 19th, 9:01PM PST; European: December 20th, 05:01AM GMT, 06:01AM CET). There will be no ‘grace period’ post launch in which those who are in Early Game Access will be able to continue to play the Game without completing the following required steps for launch:

1. Fill out your contact information

2. Set up minimum 3 – maximum 5 security questions to protect your SWTOR account

3. Redeem a Product Registration Code (This is different from your Pre-Order Code. Your Product Registration Code is the code tied to the official Game.)

4. Sign up for a recurring subscription or enter a Pre-Paid Game Time Code

You will have the option of completing these steps during the Early Game Access period so that you are ready to play upon the Game’s official launch.

Yeah, kaboom. So people flipped out and the hate began. Thousands of posts, deleted threads, users getting infractions for being naughty, people threatening to post porn…you know…internet stuff.

Then, after hours of speculation and people running around doing the chicken little routine, the following was posted by Stephen Reid, on the forums:

Our sales and marketing teams are working closely with retailers in the US and Europe to ensure that copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be delivered in time for launch day.

In Europe, game copies will be available at retail starting on December 15, 2011. For those of you in the USA and Canada, game copies will be available at retail starting on December 20, 2011. For those of you who pre-ordered digital editions of the game from, you will be emailed your Game Codes starting December 16, 2011.

As soon as you receive your Game Code (AKA ‘product registration code’), be sure to enter it on your account under Code Redemption, because as soon as you enter the code you will receive your digital entitlements in-game (i.e. digital items included with the game edition purchased). Remember, your billing cycle will not start until official game launch, on December 20, 2011 at 12:01am EST.

Of course, what this basically says is that if you are planning on picking up your copy of the game from a retailer or if you ordered the digital version, you’ll be playing on release day. If you ordered through an online retailer, you won’t be playing until they get it to you but they are working with those online retailers to attempt to get the games shipped out early so nobody will have to wait.

Of course, I’m sure a DAY won’t kill anyone but…man…I’ve not seen a net-nuke like that in a WHILE.

I have to admit…I lol’d a little. This is just one of those reasons why brick and mortar stores are far superior to online retailers…and why digital distribution crushes them both.

See you crazy Star Wars’ers around the galaxy! Less QQ, more PEW-PEW!

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  • fuckingstupidarticle

    I love how your article makes absolutely no mention of the people who have no choice but to order online because the “global” release of SWTOR is only in EU and NA. Way to do your research there.

    • Nobody is “forced” to do anything.  People choose to order online for the sake of convenience or timing or a number of other factors but nobody has ever been forced to order anything online…ever…in the history of mankind.

      And what’s that got to do with research?  I love it how every time someone disagrees with an article, they fall back on that ‘research’ thing.

      Yeah, I know some people are red zoned and some people don’t live anywhere near a game store but, come on…How is it such a life altering event for people to not be able to get a game on release day?  People have grown such a sense of entitlement, it’s almost beyond belief.  

      You know, there WAS a world before the internet.  It was pretty amazing!  People went to stores and drove long distances to get the things they wanted and they liked it.

      • Dhxhxhhxh

        Rob just Rick rolled this troll LOL

      • Peh

        you know, there WAS a world before computers too. so, why not shut down your computer, and go play marbles ? hmmm ??? why play computer games at all ? since you are able to let go of internet just because you ‘loled’ out of ignorance (Especially of law and legalese), you can as well let go of computer games by going the extra mile. because, just because we have better technologies to do various things that were hard to do before, does not mean that we should – god forbid – expect to make use of them, right ….

        • I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Law and legalese? You have no legal right to play this or any other game.

          I’m not saying anyone should let go of technology. What I am saying is if you expect to have something in your hands at a specific time, make it happen. Don’t rely on the internet and the postal system, two things which are inherently flawed, to get your goods to you by a deadline. I’ve been bit by that in the past and had all my friends playing a game for a full day before it finally got to me. Years ago, I had to wait 2 weeks for a release I had pre-ordered.

          It happens…I understand being disappointed when it does but…talking about looting on the forums? That’s just silly.

      • Anonymous

        That first paragraph is incredibly moronic… obviously no one is ever forced to do anything so if you want to turn this in to some sort of silly metaphysical discussion we can… but… that doesn’t really help anything IMO. If you “want” to play the damn game you may very well be “forced” to purchase it online for, as you say, any number of valid reasons.

        The 3rd and 4th paragraphs are also pretty moronic… who are you to say what should/shouldn’t be important to people?! If your pet-peeve is entitlement I suppose mine is arrogance.

        As for the 2nd paragraph… you can hardly blame folks for assuming you didn’t do your research when you are so far off base (at least from their perspectives, I guess). *shrug*

        • Yeah, I don’t see the “perspective” angle.

          The grace period was canned.
          EA/BioWare claim to be working with all retailers to get copies out in time.
          People are making poopie pants.

          This isn’t an issue of perspective when we are dealing with nothing subjective. I have no idea why you’re here trolling but you are saying things that don’t make sense. WHY would they intentionally screw their player base? It is ridiculous to think that they would intentionally enter into an agreement which would cause their customers as much consternation as this has.

          Also, the final verdict isn’t even in yet. This is like arguing about the color of the thing that’s in the box that’s never been opened.

          I don’t know how one could even research the quote of a faq and forum post.

          • Anonymous

            What EXACTLY doesn’t make sense because you keep saying things like that and not really pointing to anything specific…

            I clearly pointed out the issues with your comment and you ignored 3/4 of it and spewed a wall of text at me about subjectivism… then you try to backpedal by saying the argument is moot because we haven’t seen the outcome of this debacle yet. Nice… really nice!

            Bioware lied to their customer’s.
            Their customer’s are upset.

            It seems obvious to me that my description of events is a little more accurate than yours but I suppose that is just my “perspective”. *eye roll*

          • OHHHHHH…I see what your problem is!  You’re mad because I didn’t make BioWare out to be the big bad wolf!

            Sorry, it ins’t going to happen…And the reason I “ignored” 3/4 of it was because of 2 factors.

            1) I have a job to do here and it isn’t to argue with people who clearly misinterpreted the point of the article


            2) As soon as you start with words like “moronic” and begin with the insults, I skip over those parts.

            I challenge you to find a single place in any of these comments where I’ve attacked or insulted someone – and don’t try that “I was attacking your words, not you!” business because when you do that, it looks like the comments *I* have posted.

            So, basically, you came in trolling like a forum-dweller BUT, you failed to notice the industrial sized aerosol can of “TrollBGon” I have behind my back!


      • AndyG

        ‘Nobody is “forced” to do anything.’? Really? You aren’t married are you? :)

        • Hahahahahaha

        • Theresa

          Okay that made me spit out my tea .. best response EVA

    • fuckingstupidcomment

      “Have no choice”

      What part of your body is the gun being held to that requiring you to play this game?

  • Mason Walters

    So basically are you saying I can’t continue my swtor binge from december 19 at midnight to the 20th without going to gamestop to pick up my copy and enter my code? Does that sum it up?

    • That’s pretty much correct, yes.

      • Pyrowipe

        Many that ordered online already received their copies.  Many Gamestops are not doing a midnight release, so you have to wait until they open the next day.

    • ThereWereLegitGripes

      Unless you pre-ordered online back when they were saying there was a grace period, so no reason to wait for retail.

  • Hateswowgamers

    “Well over 4,000 posts were hammered out on the SWTOR forums, showing everything from apathy to the lol’s of people who went digital distro. (Like I did) to full blown nerd-rage. One guy even said something about burning cars and looting…Not kidding here.”  Those were all those “wonderful” WoW players this game inherited right?  LMAO!!!!

    • LOL

      LOL i would agree that a great deal of people who play wow are muppets but in Beta testing I came across more that didn’t who were obsessed with bagging a game that had nothing to do with what they were doing.  Maybe the non wow players need to get out and about a bit and stop hating quite so much….

      • Hateswowgamers

        What Beta server were YOU on =P  I saw NOTHING but these WoW idiots talking about how great they were on their servers in WoW.   WoW gamers are elitist dipshits who care about nothing about stats and percentages.  Sad they will ruin the game cause most of us.. we just want to play and have fun and not have to listen to these morons talk about how uber they were in WoW. 

        • Indahra

          Not sure why SWOTR players have to start a war with WoW players.  Some of us are intelligent  and believe it or not friendly people.  Some of us played EQ and other MMO games before WoW also, and have a respect for life outside of WoW.  Gross generalizations don’t really help develop a community base.  You can believe it or not, play WoW and SWTOR simultaneously without the world coming to an end (though hard if you have a job like myself).  Less hate, more love for what is destined to be a great game that EVERYONE can enjoy, even WoW players past and present.

          • I agree with this. It doesn’t have to be an Us vs Them mentality and people shouldn’t judge other people based on the titles they play. Not all WoW players are jackasses and not all SWTOR players will be cool people.

            Unfortunately, a lot of idiots tend to gravitate to MMO’s. Seems that’s the only way they can get some social interaction without someone kicking their ass.

  • LOL

    Thats awesome if you live in  the US or Europe – for us who live in Australia and other places it bloomin sucks.  I still can’t believe its not being released in Asia Pacific, not all of us are farmers. While I agree that life existed before the internet, it also existed before cars but I’m sure you don’t walk everywhere.  I have to assume that you are American.  Most Americans I have come across in my life either there or anywhere else – you see i have travelled – tend to think its ok as long as they get what they want in life.  I’m happy for you dude.  Truly I am because I can guarantee if it was the other way round you could raise that number of people going ARGH on the forums by tenfold. 

    • Oh, I completely agree with you.  If this were an issue of Americans not getting the game on time, the QQ’ing would be LEGENDARY.  Truly I feel sorry for you AP gamers…I know you always get the smelly end of the stick when it comes to game releases and I think that sucks.  If I could change it, I would.

      Yes, I’m clearly American but…I don’t think that enters into it much.  If I wasn’t able to get this game on release day I’d be disappointed but I wouldn’t talk about burning cars and looting.  Those are just SILLY Americans.

      Regardless, I hope you’re able to get the game SOON.  I am under the understanding that it isn’t officially being released there, at least not for some time but…there are ways, ya know?  Maybe we’ll run into each other out there.

      • Ignorant

        please, next time, dont post any opinion on anything that you dont know shit about. the fuss is BECAUSE americans are not able to get their games on 20th. precisely because either ea decided that it should grease the store retailers by forcing the copies to only go out on 20th, or some retailer have signed a binding contract with them – no physical copies of the game will be around or shipping until 20th. this is the current situation. meaning, A LOT of people will be cut from game at 19th when early access finishes. and, a lot more will be able to receive their boxes in 3-4 days or more, because of the holiday season issues. even the ones who opted for priority shipping will get the boxes on 21st with the best estimates………………… now bioware says they are talking with retailers to arrange shipping of boxes earlier than 20th date so people will receive the boxes. the end result is uncertain yet.

        • Wait so now it’s a conspiracy between EA and the brick and mortar guys to screw you over?


          Once again, someone falls back to the “you don’t know what you’re talking about” defense because they either didn’t read an entire article or because they disagree.

          PROTIP – I’m not just some disinterested journalist who read about this on an rss feed or PR email and decided to do some quotable quotes. I’m a player. I played pre-release, did a preview, I read and post in the forums, I’m a DDE owner and happy about it. I will be playing on day 1 because I am able to do so.

          If you read the quotes, you will see that EA / BioWare is working with the online retailers in attempts to get your software to you early. If you read the forum posts before they were wiped, you’d see that some people state they’ve already gotten theirs.

          And really? A conspiracy?

          • Anonymous

            We’ve all read PR releases and know exactly how well they reflect reality so don’t try to sell that garbage… we’re not buying.

          • Uhmm…hence my specifically saying I didn’t take this info from a press release…

            I don’t know how you can possibly dispute the facts…

            EA/BIOWARE shitcanned the early play grace period.
            Whining occurred.

            What’s there to argue about? Or are you just here because you’re bored?

  • Person Anongratta

    Pacific/Asia folks will not be playing the game in some cases as late as mid January. My copy from US Amazon wont arrive here in Japan until around the 28th of December.   None of us were able to get a digital version to DL because EA’s Origin IP blocks us from ordering.  We have no ability to get the game in a timely manner and have to wait.  Its a shame that you left that aspect of the issue conveniently out of your article.

    • I wouldn’t say it was a convenient oversight…more like a given.

      I also didn’t mention the people who live in the favelas of Rio or the tribes of the Amazon basin or all of the people living in bombed out villages in the gulf, people in the frozen tundra of the polar caps on Mars and those don’t own computers who also won’t be playing this on release day…again, those are a given.

      I did however, in the comments, express my distaste at the fact that the AP crowd isn’t getting a fair shake. I think it sucks.

      • Content

        LOL. thanks i really laughed at this reply :).i think its funny how upset people get over things like this. ITS A VIDEO GAME!!!!
        I ordered the physical copy online as well. if it gets here in time, it does. if not, oh well…

        • Metron

          I’d hazard a guess that the people who are getting enraged are the people whose lives revolve around games like this, and for whom every minute that someone else gets to play and they don’t mean they’ll fall behind in some delusional race to the finish.  The very thought just turns them into raging balls of quivering jelly.

          It’s happened pretty much in every MMORPG game I’ve been a part of on release for one reason or another.

  • Sakso

    ‘you have loled a little’ because you are stupid. brick and mortar stores are not superior to online retailers – brick and mortar stores are PREVENTING online retailers from getting ahead and delivering fast via internet, by signing contracts and binding the publishers. the very stores you praise, are the core of this problem.

    • Soooo…another conspiracy…Shall we call it “Gamestopgate”?

      Maybe they’re conspiring with the oil companies to make you waste gas, too…and the tire companies. And the police who will pull you over if you are speeding to get home.

      I spend LOTS of money on amazon. I even have my groceries delivered because I ride a motorcycle and can’t be bothered to make 15 trips…if it is something time-sensitive, though, nothing ever beats doing it yourself…well…unless you have a butler. Then you just make him do it.

      • Anonymous

        You keep throwing the word “conspiracy” around with the apparent intent of de-legitimizing the facts. You can call it what ever you want (what ever floats your boat I guess) but the facts speak for themselves.

        • What facts? The burden of proof is on the accuser. You say the brick and mortar stores pay off the publishers to screw the online sellers and in turn that screws the consumers.

          Prove the pay off. Show evidence.

          • Anonymous

            I never said any of that ;P

            The issue of delayed releases to accomodate B&M stores and to pad weekly game reviews is a matter of common knowledge (and common sense, I thought). It doesn’t always harm the consumer but it obviously has in this case. That’s the whole point.

            We’re not talking about dark alley money exchanges (as your “conspiracy” comments are clearly tailored to infer).

  • Jamieloch86

    People who pre-ordered will be able to play early starting on the 13th. When the official release happens on the 20th you will be unable to CONTINUE playing until you have your product code either through origin or your hard copy. Only ppl who might lose out on a day or so game time are the people who ordered their copy online but a lot of them will get the HC to you for the 20th.

    The article made it sound like there will be no early access which isn’t true.

    May the force be with you.

    • Joshrowling

      so yet again us people living in australasia who were ‘forced’ to preorder the game digitally so we could play on launch day have been screwed over again.
      add in the server lag from eight thousand miles away , yes i know thats built in to even up the skill abilities, but one has to wonder why an international company like bioware cant get there shit together? 

      • Sharper_better

         international company like “bioware” cant get there shit together?

        BioWare is Canadian…. if anything EA would be looked at as the International Company. EA milks stuff for what it is,which is just more money hahah.this is the reason they helped dev the game.

        • Sharper_better

          i should have said EA bought and rebundled BioWare haha i Guess now BioWare is looked at as stated on the website …a division of EA

      • Look, I love my brothers and sisters from down under, I really do. I think it’s a major dick move that they aren’t doing an AP release straight away and like I said I know you guys get boned on those all the time.

        I also know (personally) quite a few Aussies and I know the only way to make one cry is to spray molten lead in their eyes so this doesn’t really apply to you…it’s more the NA/EU crowd I’m talking about.

        In honor of the Aussie contingent, though, I’ll have some toast and vegimite and some tim-tams and coffee at 12:01 on the 20th.

        Hope you get in soon!

        • Juzzyr

          From an Aussie waiting for his chance to play SWTOR I raise my glass to ya mate

    • If the article made it sound that way, I apologize. I did mention the early access code, however and we even have another article about the early access being moved up by 2 days.

      There is definitely still early play, starting the 13th in NA and, if my info is correct, the 15th in EU.

  • Notmyprob

    My solution: Keep the pre-order code. Play through the seven day early access. On the 20th, pick up a CE in the store. Cancel the order with on the same day (since I won’t get billed until it ships). Let EA sort it out with amazon. If enough people did this, we’d see some results. A backlash from amazon would make EA consider making plays like this that effect customers, since one of their customers is amazon. Let the big guys duke it out, and I can walk away still playing uninterrupted.

    • Carl

      Good luck finding the CE in stores. Therein lies the rub for many people. If you ordered CE, you’re pretty much stuck waiting on the mail. Standard is better, but if the store’s not open at midnight (few will be), you’re SOL there too.

  • Khemimbalance

    Erm… I may have misread what you meant to say but… This is not correct according to early access faq:

    I see my digital items such as my Pre-Order Color Stone or the digital
    items associated with my Digital Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition
    during Early Game Access?
    Everyone who has pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic and redeemed their Pre-Order Code on our Code Redemption Center
    will be able to access and use their Pre-Order Color Stone during Early
    Game Access. To get your Color Stone, visit a mailbox in-game and pick
    up your in-game mail. Digital items associated with the Digital Deluxe
    Edition and Collector’s Edition will be available once you have redeemed
    your official Game Product Registration Code, and will be sent to you
    via in-game mail.

    Starting at Early Game Access, digital items associated with the
    Digital Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition will be available once
    you have redeemed your official Game Product Registration Code, and will
    be sent to you via in-game mail.”


    “What do I need to do in order to get Early Game Access?The only way to be granted Early Game Access is to pre-order Star Wars: The Old Republic and redeem your Pre-Order Code at our Code Redemption Center prior to the official release of the Game. Once you have reserved your copy of the Game, redeem the Pre-Order Code you receive.Learn more about ways to prepare for Early Game Access here.”

    From what I’ve read was play time is a go, you just don’t get your CE crap until you enter code… big deal right?

    Everything I’ve read says you download the client & play :)

    BTW I am a but nuts so bare with me as I may believe I am a Walrus….

    • In actuality, you’re a purple giraffe. Damnedest thing I’ve ever seen.

      The issue is about when people will be receiving their hard copies of the game, which will include their official (not early access) registration code. It seems that some players will not get the hard copy until after the 20th and may hence be cut off from playing until they do.

      Never thought I’d see a purple giraffe that though it was a walrus…wow…

      • Khemimbalance

        DANG IT!  I new my legs were to long and my teeth too short QQ….
        Good to know.  I suppose I’ll have to go into my patience reserves and say F it :/ till my deal arrives.  Oh well, I’ve waited 4 years what’s another 4 days. 

        Thank Frank I’ve got a mindnumbingly fun game called minecraft.  I’ll just not sleep/eat/shower & then binge build a giant Nerf while I wait.  (looks like it’d make some yummy steaks!, that’s right I’m a carnivorous purple giraffe, who thinks he’s a walrus…)

        Either way keep up the good work & tanks for the clarity, we walr.. I mean carnivorous purple giraffe’s…. sometimes find our brains just don’t work :P

        • CarnivorousPurpleGiraffe

          BTW you may all now refer to me as the CarnivorousPurpleGiraffe!  ARRRRG *GACK cough cough* matey! *cough cough*

  • Pesco77

    “This is just one of those reasons why brick and mortar stores are far superior to online retailers…and why digital distribution crushes them both.”
    So how the heck would you get my CE stuff to me through digital distribution?  And sorry, I’m not giving Best Buy my money.

    • And there, my friend, is the rub.  If you want CE you have to either get it online or get it from a brick and mortar.  I’m not a fan of CE’s and never have been so my opinion and experiences will clearly differ from those of you who ARE fans of CE’s but when I have the option I will always choose digital distro over any other form of purchase.  My #2 is always brick and mortar and my last place finisher is online (of course this only applies to release day purchases).

      What they NEED to do is make any confirmed pre-order available for digital distro with a 1 time use only key, then send you your stuff in the post.  That would fix all this bidness.

      • CarnivorousPurpleGiraffe

        I used to disagree…  Specifically CE’s vs DD or similar, now though….  I think I’d be completely lost without Origin, Steam & GS DD clients. 

        That being said I still ordered & will keep to my CE of SWTOR, I want the statue… Sure wish it was the quite BH girl though QQ.

        All the same though for my future purchases, if a CE doesn’t contain something of worth value.  I won’t buy it.  IMHO In game content does NOT cut the grade alone when you’re talking about a CE.  There has to be a formed piece of cheap plastic crap in there & a collectors edition # or shiny sticker, so I can physically see I got something I wanted.

  • Kkirby011

    No matter what the arguments are for or against, its still alot of babies whining about having to actually go to the store to pick up their game is all I am seeing. Yes I ordered the B&M collectors edition, I also had no illusions that they would let me continue playing without some kind of verification that I didn’t cancel my preorder after putting in my early access code. It’s not a big deal guys. Find something worthwhile to nerd rage over.

    • CarnivorousPurpleGiraffe


    • Ladies and Gentlemen – We have a winner. This man GETS IT!

  • Wow. I have never stumbled upon a new gaming site and then never wanted to visit it again faster in all my life.

  • Kiwifruitdraw

    WTF your just missing the point. Nobody is entitled or have the rights to demand to play, nobody is forced blah blah derp derp.

    did you consider what a massive hit this dealt to the goodwill of the organizations involved. Bioware were the gods of their industry. When they said something you believed it. They delivered by backing up their words with a rock solid product on the market. This in turn encouraged less piracy for the brand. You think Im ever going to purchase a Bioware game ever from this day, when I know that they will go back on their word and its all empty marketing and that they don’t really mean the shit they spew. The next single player rpg or whatever you release, yo torrents……

    A massive FU in return bitches.

    • CarnivorousPurpleGiraffe

      I’ll say sorry up front here cause normally I wouldn’t waste time commenting on a message like this.  But I can’t help it……

      ROFL……. OMGWTF??  Like I said b4… I am crazy…. But you trumped me man!

      Now that I got that out… what in the world do you mean? “did you consider what a massive hit this dealt to the goodwill of the
      organizations involved. Bioware were the gods of their industry.”

      Who gives a fecal matter?  The guys at bioware are just as much shmucks
      as they are brilliant.  But this makes them gods?  Nahhhhh.  Goodwill? 
      They’re a business, a large one, and a subsidiary of EA, AKA they want
      MONEY.  Yours in fact!  And while bioware has held a better standing
      this fact does not change.  I fear you may need to accept that we
      hoomons are just as bad as Ferengi!  Worse even.

      A side note to that would be ….  Without security & checks, everyone would “share”.  If everyone “shared” they wouldn’t make money.  Without money they couldn’t make more games.  AKA there wouldn’t be anything to torrent.

    • And this is your right as a person. If you don’t like the way they do business, you have the option to cut them off from your wallet.

      A *MUCH* more sensible option than setting cars on fire.

  • Is this supposed to be a new review site that just trolls and completely misses the point of everyone’s legitimate outrage?  Waste of time stopping in here and reading that dribble…

    • I don’t think anyone missed any point. Well, not from our staff. The point is not about the outrage, which is certainly legitimate, considering the circumstances. The point is more about how people are handling that outrage.

      The problem is that many of the people feeling that outrage are mishandling it and taking even the faintest hint of dissent against their personal viewpoint as an attack against them. Nobody has been attacked yet so many become defensive.

      I would be pissed, too, if I was in the situation many have found themselves in. I wouldn’t be talking about looting and pillaging though. That’s just silly.

      And that, for those who missed it, was the point: The response, by some, has been completely disproportionate to the situation…Missing a game launch == a life altering event worth having a complete breakdown over…unless you’re “that guy”.

      You know the one I mean.

    • Since when does “legitimate outrage” = unable to read or comprehend?

  • Trooper

    You forgot to mention that Stephen Reid posted, a few times, there WOULD be a grace period. Many people made online purchases under the assumption his statements, backed-up by information on their webpage, was correct.

    I will be using the instore pickup through BB so I won’t be affected. However I think they handled this poorly and that the fiasco the decision caused is warranted.

    It’s easy to sit back smug and defend the actions of this corporation because you’re getting your copy. In other countries, like the countries that will be shipping product the 15th, it is not O.K. to advertise a feature, reinforce it with forum posts, and then deny it to customers after they’ve paid for the product.

    To top it off their silence on the issue and the over all attitude that it’s the consumers fault for being mislead is discusting. Grow a backbone and stand up for yourself. This wasn’t cool and it shouldn’t be condoned.

    • Actually, I very clearly stated at the top of the article that they had previously stated there would be a grace period. Please let’s not line up the firing squad until we have read and understood the WHOLE article.

      Also, I’m not here to judge the company’s actions. Do I condone them? No. Do I believe this was intentional? No. Do any of us even know if @rockjaw was speaking fact or if he was out of turn? We don’t and indications on the forum point to EA/BioWare disavowing his earlier claims of a grace period as being just that…out of turn.

      The point was never to subjectively call out the publisher for this decision. It was always to call out the people who were acting like their lives had been unalterably torpedoed by this…the people talking about retribution, revenge, rioting and rabblerousing over the issue.

      You know…”those” people…

  • Jaws

    This also really effects all the folks who paid for CE and do not live in an area that has a brick & mortar store doing pre-order stuffs.

    • Unfortunately it does.  While I can’t think of any areas (off the top of my head) that don’t have a brick and mortar within reasonable driving distance (I used to have to drive 3.5 hours each way to get release day games) this is definitely an inconvenience.  Here’s hoping the shipping will work out such that most of the people who pre-ordered physical copies will have them on the 20th or VERY shortly thereafter.

      • ThereWereLegitGripes

        From the sound of it CE specifically won’t for some reason. Everybody else who ordered months ago be fine.

        Digital is appealing until two things happen to you.

        1. You suddenly find yourself unable to play single-player games without an internet connection.

        2. You find yourself realizing that the only true way to avoid getting screwed by EA for sure is to buy the digital edition which is exclusively offered… yes, by EA. No conflict of interest there I’m sure.

        Getting real sick of hearing how awesome digital is. Would have loved to have spent the weekend playing Fallout: New Vegas while waiting for AT&T to fix my net connection, but… surprise… Steam’s offline mode needs to be set up properly while online to work properly. You know, because otherwise it’s just a tangled mess of logic to figure out how to execute an SP game experience when there’s no internet connection.

  • ThereWereLegitGripes

    * People with CE can’t just cancel and buy at retail or digitally without risk of losing the CE, which is not available digitally and is getting tougher and tougher to get your hands on right now.

    * It appears as though most other editions will be allowed to ship early, but not CE. So even though they’re opening their boxes in Sweden already, EA is for some reason not allowing CEs in the US and possibly UK to ship until after launch. I got this from reports of people dealing with the weird Wal Mart cancellations and from Amazon people who kept hearing CE is not going out until the 20th. Our ship dates reflect that. Other editions don’t seem to have this problem. We were making noise about it before several days before the forums got reset and got no straight answers.

    * Grace period wasn’t a rumor. It was in the official FAQ linked to the pre-order information page that you got in your e-mail about pre-order from day 1. We did make a choice. A choice to order online informed by the assumption that they wouldn’t put stuff like that in an official FAQ and then change their minds a week and a half before early access begins.

    So yeah, I don’t expect special treatment beyond the junk that comes with the CE. But it does piss me off that what I got for pre-ordering the premium version of the game on the day it was announced was abuse, going back on what promises that informed my purchase, and what appears to be a completely unnecessary, or at the very least mysteriously unexplained 2-day timeout after launch that nobody else is likely to have to deal with.

    I think they at least owed us a decent explanation before going silent for the weekend. !@#$ happens, that’s fine. But when I’m watching unboxings in Scandinavia I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t some publicity stunt screwing with my ability to play after early access and not some perfectly understandable issue like Gentle Giant choking on a massive order of statues.

    • ThereWereLegitGripes

      Ick. Sorry about some of the grammar issues. Spoiled by edit options on my posts.

    • QQ

  • Anonymous


    This seems to indicate that preorder code is good for early access and product registration is required to play after 12/20

    Seems more than fair to me

  • Pyradius

    I pre-ordered the CE from as it was one of the few remaining avenues left to get the CE.  I took some vacation time off around this time in order to enjoy the game.  While I’m certainly not going to “nerd-rage” over it, it is kind of lame that I will get to play the early access then have to wait for my physical copy to arrive.  I do realize that this is no different than say what happened with WoW on launch.  In checking with, the individual who answered my question said that the product would “Ship” on the 20th, not be delivered on the 20th so apparently has no intention of trying to get it to me by the release date…

    • It’ll be good for you to get off the computer for a little while.

  • Santa Bob

    The only problem with the tiered “lottery” to enter is that Origin screwed up over half the orders they received, there are still people that have had money taken out of their accounts but never got a receipt let alone any redeem code to enter. Myself I did not even find out about the redeem code until three months after I pre-ordered, at which time I was told that I would be receiving my code when it was time to pay for the game, something any normal person would assume be on the day of the release.
    The rage that BioWare and EA and Origin inflicted is largely their own fault. Their message read that people would be granted access starting on December 13. Their failure is a result of poor management skills and ability to communicate in advance what they were intending on doing, let alone state the fact up front that people ordering after a certain date (which they would have known weeks in advance) would not be able to get an invite on that date as they would only do 4 (it became 5) waves of invites, barely covering the July Redeems. Plenty of people unaware and unable to find this out, until almost 3 hours into the EGA when one of the community managers accidentally let slip that there was only going to be one more wave permitted.

    Aside from it being an incredibly stupid thing to do, they are in for a very rough time ahead if they are intending on serving up a 24/7/365 game, but do business as usual and only keep it covered between 9 – 5. One would have hoped that at least someone with half a brain would have at least stolen or looked at a few of the mistakes that were made during the WoW, Conan, LOTRO, STO and other major games in the MMORPG were launched, but it seems that they are hell bent on repeating every single one of the mistakes all on their own.

    I have no illusion that I will be allowed to play before end of the weekend at best, because Origin misplaced me and my partners order, what I do know however is that my partner who still has not even received any kind of payment notification for the £5 they already taken out, is that she will most likely not start playing, effectively resulting in me only playing to max level to see what the game is about and then uninstall it and put the game on the pile where all the rest of the failed MMORPGs have ended up. 

    The only regret I will have about it is that Star Wars has always been a favourite of mine, but this could very well destroy that for me.

    No sir, they need to shape up their act and that is yesterday.

    • Your comment is completely off base and the info you are sharing is misleading, at best.

      First, this is not a lottery. Everyone who pre-ordered will have early access.

      Second, EGA began on the 13th for NA only. EU EGA begins on the 15th.

      Third, they are already up to wave 8 in NA and are well past the July spike.

      Fourth, they are rolling out to well over 1 million pre-order customers and doing it this way ensures the stability of the servers. There is no way they would be able to squeeze all of those people in within a couple of days.

      I am FAR from being a fanboy but as a realist I have to challenge anyone out there to name a pre-launch launch which has gone so smoothly, for this many people.

    • Also, EGA invites are now out for July, august, September and part of October.

    • Less QQ and more wait in line like everyone else. Don’t blame BW or Origin for your ignorance of “preorder codes”. When you set up your account on, one of the first things they ask for is to redeem your preorder code.

  • I used to nerd rage and QQ and blame BioWare for all my problems, then I took a flesheatingzipper to the knee

  • Pyrowipe

    Completely wrong, people that ordered online have already received and entered their codes.  While my store is not doing a midnight release.  I usually get most my game time from 10-4am, so this really screws me.

    • Rob

      This is correct in the case of the digital distro, for which codes went out on the 16th.

      I’m not sure about the hardcopies. I’ve heard rumors both ways and since I haven’t personally seen a code for a hardcopy, I can’t confirm.