Walmart Cancels An Unspecified Number Of Star Wars : The Old Republic Pre-Orders

Posted by on December 4, 2011 at 8:15 pm

In what can only be described as a colossally boneheaded move, the zombie offspring of Sam Walton have either deleted or lost an unknown number of SWTOR preorders and have only now started to notify the victims of this foul misdeed…via an email which claims that a “temporary shipping issue” is at fault.

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While BioWare has given assurances that this will not effect these players’ early access to the game effected players are not being offered a refund by Walmart, nor are they being given any assurance that the version they ordered will be available to them.

At this point, nobody is sure how many players who pre-ordered from Walmart are effected by this issue but reading through some forums suggests that it may be as many as…well…everyone who ordered from Walmart. Reading through these posts also suggests that Walmart has claimed to have refunded the purchase price to many of these consumers but those who have received such an email from Walmart claim that have received no such thing.

Stephen Reid, Senior Online Community Manager for Bioware has confirmed that these players’ early access will not be effected, as stated previously. Of course the awesome thing is that, per MY understanding, the early access code only covers playing up through release day and not after which, if my information is correct, could leave those players out in the cold if they don’t receive their copies of the game by the 20th.

So, if you’re one of the poor folks who ordered SW:TOR from Walmart and can’t get 100% assurance from them that your copy will be available on release day, I would suggest finding a copy elsewhere, securing it for release day delivery and do like lots of other people around the world have done and refuse to shop at Walmart ever, ever again.


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  • Aranphor

    Download the client from As of yesterday you could and it will patch at launch.

  • ravi

    It’s Ravi from Walmart’s media relations team – I want to clarify and hopefully ease any confusion about this.  Please rest assured, no orders or pre-orders have been canceled due to this issue.  We did have a technical error that unfortunately caused some customers’ order statuses to show their pre-order had been cancelled, but that is not the case.  Customers who previously pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic will still get their game when it launches later this month and we’re in the process of emailing all customers within the next 24 hours to let them know.  In the meantime, they’re invited to contact us if they have questions.  We apologize for any confusion or disturbance in The Force this created.