What if Skyrim, COD or Battlefield Cost $110…For The Standard Version?

Posted by on December 2, 2011 at 9:05 am

Well, you may pay close to that in the near future if the greedy bastards who run Activision, THQ and Take Two get their way.

Bobby Kotick, Strauss Zelnick and Brian Farrell all spoke at the Reuters Global Media Summit earlier this week and all 3 made references to changing the way they will charge, and you will pay, for games in the future.


After Activision started the “Elite” membership horse-shit with the release of Modern Warfare 3, other companies started keeping an eye on subscription numbers in an effort to determine if subscription based gaming will work out for them, as well.

Brian Ferrell from THQ is quoted as saying :

“The big win there is you have a consumer base that pays you the subscription fee each month ongoing. That’s a very different revenue model for a video game company, when you have this monthly subscription revenue rather than a one-time purchase,”

The BIG WIN?! Really? Big fucking win for WHO, Brian? Certainly not the gamers!

Strauss Zelnick, of Take Two said :

“They are experimenting with ’Call of Duty,’ and we watch with interest to see how that will play out. I’ve said for years the holy grail of our business is to take a packaged goods release and turn it into a subscription model.”

Well, yeah, that may be the holy grail for the publishers but for gamers, it seems more like getting the staff of moses up the pooper.

What these guys are talking about is charging the gamer an initial $60.00 fee for the purchase of a game and then upwards of an additional $50.00 per year for the privilege of playing the game. So what happens when you want to own 2-3, or even more, multiplayer enabled games? Saaaaaaay…Modern Warfare, Battlefield, Bioshock and Saints Row. Well, you’re going to drop nearly $270.oo (after tax) on the games and then another $200.00 PER YEAR to play them.

What the FUCK?!

Look, people already complain about paying $15.00 per month for an MMO, but let’s do the math.

If you buy an MMO and drop $15.00 per month, you’re going to be paying $66.00 for the game (after tax) and then $180.oo per year for the privilege of playing that game in a massively multiplayer environment. So for the first year, you’ll drop about $246.00 for hours and hours of play time, with tangible gains and a tangible community.

If you buy 4 standard games, under their proposed model, you’ll be shelling out $264.00 for the games and then $200.oo per year to play, which works out to $464.00 for the first year of a playing in a limited multiplayer environment with a non-persistent gaming experience in a non-persistent community.

And they’re serious about this! This is frightening.

I’ll tell you what…The very minute they implement such a pricing scheme I will stop buying their games. ANY company who initiates a subscription fee of that kind will be on my boycott list and I very seriously challenge all of you to do the same. Yeah, you’re going to miss getting shot in the face by an 8 year old in Modern Warfare 17, “Return to Gettysburg” but you’re also going to be telling these greedy, money mongering publishers which end of the stick they can suck on.

We, as gamers, have to demand quality from these publishers. Why do we keep getting screwed over by them? Because we encourage them to do so. Every time they release a crappy game with a hot title, we run out by the millions and give them our cash. They raise their prices, we give them more money. They implement 80% releases with premium DLC to complete the game, we drop points on them. Now they’re talking, openly and publicly, about how good it will be for them if they decide to screw us over even more and I say it’s time to stop taking it.

Keep an eye on these shifty bastards and if they start walking down this road, tell everyone you know to stop buying their products. I absolutely guarantee they will change their tune dramatically right after the first failed launch puts them on the brink of having to take pay cuts so they can pay the light bill.

Don’t take it lying down any more. Vote with your wallets and make yourselves heard.

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  • Andersene

    Ya, democracy dictates competition for the consumers; we as consumers can drive down the price (depending on how little of product A, B, and C we purchase)

    • Guest

      Capitalism is not democracy btw

      • uh, no, capitalism is, for the most part, very much a form of democracy.
        it just focuses on freedom more than equality.

        • No, actually… Democracy is a system of government, while capitalism is an economic system…

          • Zach Doukas is correct. Democracy and Capitalism are not the same. A socialist state can be just as democratic as a similarly democratic state that runs along freemarket principles. The major difference is the amount of control the state exerts on the economy.

            Similarly, you could even theoretically run capitalism under a non-democratic autocratic system, provided ownership, wealth and profits are allowed to be generated by the populace. 

  • Poop

    If they pull this, its gonna be Netfix all over again…

  • DocWise

    Not exactly news, they’re business men; they don’t give a crap about games or people who enjoy them, they exist solely to make their companies money. The fact that idiots actually decide to shell out for things like CoD Elite, or pay subscription fees, is the real problem.

  • The Future of Sega

    Such LANGUAGE!!!

    • I know, I’m terrible. Anyone who has played 1 round of Modern Warfare, online, has heard much worse said about their mother.

      • The Future of Sega

        I’m sorry…your name is??

  • The Future of Sega

    Attention all Xbox and Microsoft fans,

    On December 4th unite and invade the PS3 infested site known as Gamerblorge. Nothing but Playstation filth comes from that site and it’s time we Xbots take it back! Join me in this crusade to claim what was once ours again. Tell all of your friends, family, and associates that Gamerblorge belongs to Xbox! HOORAAAAAAAAH!!!!! hee hee pwnies ^_^ XD

  • Skyrim Fan

    Once gaming goes to this im done.  Ill wait for dirt cheap versions used and play offline.  Life is more fun than gaming so they can stick this idea up the hole that their brain is sitting on.

  • Don Rickets

    That stupid pop-up ad bar/Facebook thing is fucking annoying. You know those things ruin the mobile browsing experience. Liie the site, but I don’t come back to ones that use that shit and neither do 80% of you mobile users.

    • Anonymous

      The bars have to stay, but between my Android phone and Kelly’s iPhone, they never present a problem.

      We should have a solution rolling into next year, but we certainly hope a few pixels won’t pull you away.

    • We’re working on an awesome mobile version that won’t have that. It should be available next month, sorry about that.

  • guest

    we already pay this this much in Australia

  • Chris

    This has to be one of the worst referened stories I’ve ever read.  Call of Duty Elite is an optional thing, and you can join it for free.  Only the Hardcore CoD gamers get the subscription.  And with the subscription you get at least 3 map packs, which will now be $20 a peice…thats $60 bucks…but you’re only paying $50 for CoD Elite…you’re saving $10 dollars right there.  Its for the hardcore CoD fans who mostly play CoD. 

    How can other companies do a subscription based system for online multiplayer?  If the group that made Assasins Creed were to do that, sure people would buy the game, but nobody would play it online.  Simply because a lot of games have very sub-par multiplayer.  So subscription gaming only works for games with a large cult-like following.  It won’t work for ANY of Take-Two’s games…it won’t work for Atari’s games, it won’t work for Ubisoft games…it won’t work for any games other than FPS’s where the main focus IS online play.  And right now, there’s not too many out there that can even compete with a Jauggernaught like Call of Duty.

    • I’m not a hardcore gamer and I have a subscription (so do both my brothers). It has some good advice on how to play better.

      I’ve put less than 10 hours into multiplayer.

      • Abc

        wow just WOW!  There must be a legion of idiots like you out there who are willing to bend over and cop it up the arse by these rip off merchants..

        Console gamers… they are a bloody disease!

        • Abc

          oops i meant to replay to chris aswell

    • I would consider debating you but this isn’t something we randomly pulled out of a hat. These are direct quotes from the CEO’s of these companies.

      Also, people thinking that spending $50 to save $10 later is a brilliant idea is just…wow. Really?

      So you give them $50 that you never had to spend before and that saves you $10 on a $20 map pack that should have been in the game to begin with and you are ok with that?

      That kool-aid must be awful tasty.

    • MoodyBrit

      Defending Call of Duty? Really? Wow.. Ok.. Call of Duty is one of the worst franchises to hit the Video Games market. The pushed the boundaries of what they can deliver (how little we get in the release version) and what we have to pay (having to pay to experience WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE GAME ALREADY..)

       map packs? F*** off. I don’t want to pay to play a ‘new’ map(i say ‘new’ because most of the maps that get released as DLC were either intended to go in the game already but stopped for extra money or are remakes or just copies of old maps)

      Consoles ruined gaming as far as im concerned. As a PC gamer I can’t remember a single time where I had(or was given the option) to PAY for a new map on an FPS game or any game. We bought EXPANSIONS which added LOTS to the game and even then if you didn’t buy the expansion you could still play with people who did!

      DLC is just console greed. MW2 makes millions on it’s first day, the profit they make is stupid. They do NOT need any more from us. They should be rewarding their community with free DLC for putting up with their recycled games year after year.

      & If anyone things I’m against Call of Duty, I was a huge COD2 fan and a COD4 fan, after that it just made me want to bin my Xbox everytime a new Call of Duty was released with recycled animations, models and maps. They don’t even care enough to give you new material. You’re paying £40 every year for something which you had last year. Where’s the logic?

      • I agree with this post 100%.

        I game on both PC and console and have been a gamer since the very early 80’s when I found an intellivision under the Christmas tree and fell in love with video games. Back then there was no such thing as DLC. Through the 90’s and in to the new millennium, it didn’t exist either.

        Only with the “next gen” consoles did this begin. Companies started pushing out DLC for free, to test the waters and people were ok with it. Then they tried it at low prices and people complained but they still paid. Then they raised the prices and people complained a little more but they still paid.

        They are using a psychological tactic. Introduce the changes slowly so the people don’t flip out. Make it seem like very little is changing by making the change gradual and in small increments. Does anyone think these guys haven’t spent MILLIONS doing research, having studies done, running surveys and talking to experts in marketing strategies? Of course they have. We are paying for them to make war against our bank accounts and they will continue to do this until we tell them NO.

        Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell your family. Talk to people at the game store about this. Tell every gamer you know or meet that it is time to stop this crap from happening to us.

        Once again I GUARANTEE that the first time a big title bombs on launch because the gamers refuse to be swindled, the industry will slam on the breaks, back up and take a long hard look at what they’re doing. We have the power because WE have the money and without us, they’re all broke and homeless.



        • Darryl Holmes

          That’s a nice a sentiment, but it won’t be followed by the gaming masses. Sadly people are idiots…
          They’ll continue to pay over twice the price for a coffee at Starbucks/Costa than the coffee shop across the street, just because it’s “sophisticated” to drink at those places.
          They’ll continue to pay ridiculous fees for services that should be free, just because they don’t realise/have forgotten it used to be, and should of always been, free.
          They’ll continue to buy piss-poor products and praise them highly, just because their community says that they should.
          People are becoming more and more mindless, forgetting that we are the majority and the majority will always have the loudest voice… that is, if we ever stop listening to the few and begin to use it to our benefit.

  • Ben

    Us Aussies do have to pay $110 per game, even more sometimes! So stop fucking complaining!

    • Yeah but if this happens, you – our brothers down under – will have to pay nearly double that.  Do you want to pay nearly 200 AUD?  

      This won’t just effect Americans, it will effect ALL gamers.

      See what I’m getting at?

  • Gsgd

    FCUK you Kotick!!!!

  • Vampero13

    They can FUCK OFF and eat my ass! I would never pay that !

  • Hog

    In some countries these games as well as other already do cost that much.

    • Yes but, as I said above : if this subscription model happens, those other countries will have to pay even more than they already do. They will get the screws put to them as well.

      This is NOT an “American Gamer” problem, this is in “ALL GAMERS” problem. Rather than people try to turn it into a nationalistic debate, let’s focus on the issue at hand. They want to charge us ALL more for the games we want to play and we, as GAMERS, have to say “HELL NO”.

      • G2080

        Lol some of you guys are morons sometimes. Well actually I don’t like what the COD makers are doing but, a lot of you still suck it up and either pay, or whine about not being able to play. There’s so many other games that you can play with your friends, on the couch or over online.

        Me personally, I have access to COD 3,4,5,6,7, and the new COD 8 on the pc. There’s this private server client that offers servers for many different pirated games so people can finally play online. Now some servers condone cheating, but it’s mostly like being able to move while you’re crawling in Left 4 Dead-the servers there also allow up to 24 people to play instead of 4!!

        Moving on to Call of Duty, there are hundreds of people who play on this server in their client, it’s one of the most popular servers besides Warcraft, Command And Conquer, Left 4 Dead, some Ubisoft games, Battlefield and Age of Empires. There’s many more besides the ones I listed. But I get to play a more fun server, with all the maps they’ve ever made for FREE added to the server, not paying anything. Pirates are the best. I only pirate games that don’t deserve to be bought in full-I’m never paying Infinity Wankers due to their crappy service, so I can enjoy FREE co-op online with HUNDREDS of people who can add their own maps and things like that to the server!! Best deal ever.

        Yet console fanboys suck it all up and pay 20$ for their maps and pay monthly subscriptions for a shooter! Oh did I mention this private server client offers Counterstrike? One of the best online PC FPS.

  • datdude

    Well, if you’re dumb enough to pay for such crap, you deserve to be fleeced.  I didn’t purchase MW3 precisely because I didn’t like the concept of Elite.  They are pushing it and most gamers are too dumb to realize where this is going.  Wake up.  Personally I prefer great single player games like Mass Effect series, Bioshock, Uncharted series, etc.  While I occasionally dabble in multiplayer, the concept seems pretty stupid overall.  In order to get access to the best weapons and gear, you have to devote a significant amount of time.  If you don’t play all the time, you won’t be very good.  Who has the time to devote to leveling up all day?  I’ll tell you who.  Losers.  Give me a great single player experience I can sit down with at my leisure and enjoy.  Don’t give me some glitch filled mess with intolerable bores online who seem to think your death in multiplayer means they somehow “won” something.  And now you want me to pay 50 bucks for your game which you can’t seem to make free from cheaters and glitchers?  FU.

  • I will never pay a subscription for a regular game. MMOs sure, but that’s different. If they start charging subscriptions, I will either find other ways of acquiring the game or just not play any more games. They won’t get my money.

  • Random_Anon

    Yeah, I already boycott companies that pull stupid shit, and I don’t pay subscriptions to play the game I already paid for. If they try implementing this on anything I was interested in, I’ll just go back and play games that I haven’t finished yet, or that I really enjoyed. There will be another game that isn’t influence by these f*cking morons, which I will happily support just to stick it to these guys.

  • Ironpoop

    I hope they do it. That way their sorry asses can go bankrupt over their own stupidity. Because nobody but the dumbest of the dumbest will buy their games.

  • Ohron

    As long as people are dumb enough to blindly buy, and there are PLENTY of them out there, the companies will gladly sell. Look at Force Unleashed 2, in my experience the biggest rip off of a game in my knowledge and yet people are still buying it when they can rent it for $1 and beat it in 4 hours. They are buying year WoW subscriptions then quiting a month later to play SWTOR. I don’t not what to be more worried of, the companies, or the gamers.