Bioshock: Infinite’s New 1999 Mode Sounds Awesome

Posted by on January 19, 2012 at 3:20 pm

My biggest complaint with the original Bioshock was that it played far too close to the team’s previous success in System Shock 2. The mechanics were identical, the plot was identical, and other aspects were still a spitting image of Irrational’s success with that game. Bioshock had a very unique setting and aesthetic, but part of me felt that I was playing a streamlined version of that game, which featured the best villain in a video game ever. But System Shock 2 was something else: very difficult. Now it appears that Irrational is out to rectify this with their newest game.

Today, Irrational unveiled a new “hardcore” mode for Bioshock: Infinite called “1999 mode”, in which the choices you make are permanent, saves are more valuable than ever, an already-limited cache of ammo is limited further, and respawns are more conservatively dispersed. Fallout: New Vegas featured a similarly hardcore mode when that game launched a few years back, but where that was merely a difficult trial, 1999 mode appears to add a layer of tension that Bioshock missed. Yes, there was something missing in the fact that you could respawn at any time, infinitely, in both Bioshock games, reducing the amount of strategy required to defeat enemies which was present in the incredibly tense System Shock 2.

I kinda suck at video games, but the slower approach that 1999 mode will require in Bioshock: Infinite will also allow me to sponge up the game’s aesthetic as well. I can’t wait to give it a shot.

Source: Giant Bomb

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