HOLY SITH! SWTOR Hits 350,000 Concurrent Online Users

Posted by on January 3, 2012 at 2:12 pm

The question on the minds of many, lately, is simple. Will Star Wars : The Old Republic be able to stand on its own in the face of the giant – World of Warcraft? Since the release of the game, many people have been trying to figure out and answer that question, for any number of reasons.

For some, it’s a gauge of whether to get a subscription when their free month runs out. For others it is a gauge of whether to start playing at all. For still others, it is a gauge of the MMO market and how healthy it is today.

According to numbers showing up now, we may have some answers.

In a report submitted by Baird Equity Research, SWTOR is shown as having 350,000 concurrent users online. That means that 350,000 people are playing it at any one time. This not only indicates that the MMO market is healthy and can support games with millions of subscribers but that the game itself is doing well in its first month, with BioWare having previously stated that 500,000 subscribers would make the game very profitable for them.

Does this mean that SWTOR is poised to take down the current king of the genre? No, it doesn’t. What it does mean, though, is that such an idea is not off the table, especially when you keep in mind that there is a rumored (confirmed?) block of Chinese IP addresses from the game (in an apparent attempt to stifle the flow of “credit” farmers into the game) and the fact that the game has only been in release status for 2 weeks.

So we know the game is off to a good running start and we know that BioWare and EA are fully committed to keeping the game up and running for a very long time. Do these things mean you should go out and buy the game?

Yeah, why not? If you’re in the market for a Triple-A MMO and a huge change of pace from the tired, old, tedious one you’ve been playing while you wait for a suitable challenger to come along, this game is perfect for you. Of course, if you’re perfectly content to stick with what you know, go for it.

I say you’d be missing out, though.

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