Insomniac Finished With Resistance… Who Really Cares?

Posted by on January 27, 2012 at 12:27 pm

So, news from Insomniac’s CEO that they won’t be continuing with the PS3 exclusive Resistance franchise will come as a shock to many… and a relief to others. It begs the question though; will it be missed if this is indeed the end of the franchise?

I’ll make no bones about it, I never did like the Resistance series. It always felt too out of touch, like a game they meant to make for the PS2 but the idea got left in a drawer until eventually, it was rediscovered years later by the original designer, desperately trying to find his old idea because he had nothing else to offer at that moment in time.

The single player was ok – and I do mean ok; no more, no less, it was the kinda game you play and think ‘meh, that was ok I guess’. The same went for gameplay really, it didn’t play particularly badly, but it never really jumped out as being anywhere near the bigger FPS franchises in terms of overall enjoyment. Over the course of the series, well, nothing really changed. The graphics got quite good though – eventually. But even with super snazzy, ultra cool, trillion colour graphics blah, blah, blah, by the time we got to Resistance 3 the whole thing just felt like it had not only been flogged more than the proverbial dead horse but had gotten to the stage where people now say “It’s like flogging a Resistance game”. I am going overboard somewhat? Perhaps, but let’s be honest here; Resistance should have been amazing, it really should have. The concept was just fantastic but the execution left a lot to be desired. The inclusion of two-player campaign was a welcome addition, but it was so poorly done the whole thing should have been scrapped to save disc space for an online multi-player feature that, well, didn’t really do much. The multi-player was always just… there. It didn’t harm anyone, it never caused offence and it wasn’t all that bad. It’s just that it never really stood out either.

In the cold, hard light of day Resistance will be known as a missed opportunity. It’s little wonder then that Insomniac don’t want to continue making any more Resistance games. However, with the franchise being a PlayStation exclusive, that means it’s actually owned by Sony, not Insomniac and that can only mean one thing – Sony will find someone else to continue the franchise. Would I rather they just put it to bed? Yes. But then, Sony never really listens to anyone about anything.

So who could potentially take over the franchise? Who would even want to? Answers on a postcard please because honestly, I can’t think of anyone. Time will tell on this one, but I hope that this really is the end for Resistance.

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