World Of Warcraft Gold Farming Just Got Too Big

Posted by on January 6, 2012 at 3:26 pm

WoW and gold farmers go together like shoes and socks, steak and potatoes, Coke and a smile, Smith and Wesson…

To say that gold farming and sales have become a problem in World of Warcraft is to say that the surface of the sun is a bit warm. The economy in that game is so utterly destroyed, it isn’t uncommon to see people asking for thousands of gold for a stack of linen, in the auction house. Linen which would, by the way, sell to a vendor for mere tenths of 1 gold.

Well, if you though gold farming was big, I have news for you. It’s gotten so big, gold farmers are now making press releases.


Holy SHIT!

That’s what I said when I saw the press release come through. The next was “you’re fucking kidding me, right?”

Well, this is no joke. A “U.S. Gold Supplier” called MMOcarts busted out a press release so…I decided to run it. Why? Because I’m the press and the constitution says I can, that’s why.

So…here you go! Now someone tell me again how gold sellers and a busted economy aren’t a problem in WoW…(Also, U.S. my ass…this is as…uhm…well, it ain’t a U.S. company, we’ll just leave it at that)


[2012] – The World Of Warcraft US Gold Site Has Over 80,000 Customers Since 2006

For MMORpg Players, is a diversity gold and game related services supply center, and it is the biggest World of warcraft US gold site so far, the customers on site has grow over 80,000 now since the establish year of 2006. And the increase speed of member seems will keep going in the next year 2012, according to this trend, won’t change the top 10 wow gold supplier place in short period. is the biggest branch site of Pasiaboat team(PBT), also is the first one released in public for business, world of warcraft is the main business line on site. Since Wow is in good operation and the player numbers go up straight all these year, it can be said that developing in a well environment. Paul Wesley, one of the original founder of PBT, very optimistic about the future of wow related service supply business, “although the paid model is urgent to revolution, world of warcraft still can make huge profits in least five years, new appearances like Swtor or Diablo 3 can’t exceed in short term.” He said.

The service offered on now expand into more than ten sub projects beside wow, try to adjust itself with differential strategies, but the basic interests source still from wow related products, so make great efforts to build the wow service into a famous brand in this industry, thus wow player member on site can enjoy many special services, which can’t get from other place, plus the service price is very fair after compare with hundreds other game service suppliers, so it gradually become the aggregation of wowers, maybe this is the reason why developed to one of the biggest wow gold us site, everybody who buy wow gold there, can gain fast delivery and safety issure.

Before site settle up, those founders already figure out that the overall policy for the cooperation is highly sensitive to the game industry information update; try to occupy the leading position, in order to offer the latest and the most preferential hot items fulfill the market demands. The successful of world of warcraft is not a magic, but from many antecedents and consequences, now already become an indelible and lively legend, made a record that has never been approached and will never be approached again, so many big scale MMO games have some effected more or less.

With the continue glories of world of warcraft, also will keep up with the steps, the serviced people certainly will reached another peak in the future.

Yeah…enjoy your linen.

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