BioWare Drops The Ball, YET AGAIN, With Their Latest Weekly Patch

Posted by on February 14, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Star Wars: The Old Republic ( SWTOR ) received another patch this morning, as is the norm for Tuesdays and this patch, like just about every patch before, is wreaking havoc on the game.

At some point, BioWare is going to have to figure this situation out or I fear they’re going to have more to worry about than bug fixes.

Here’s a list of the issues people are having so far with the game (the ones I know about):

  • Ilum is so laggy during even VERY small PVP engagements that it is nearly unplayable.
  • This lag is causing people’s computers to crash to desktop.
  • People’s computers are randomly crashing to desktop, even when not on Ilum.
  • Warzones are exhibiting lag issues.
  • Using a non-standard mouse button can cause the game to crash.
  • Shock Frozen Water is now a one-use item (whose idea was THAT?!)
  • Players (including enemy players) will randomly disappear. This is NOT awesome during PVP engagements.
  • Did I mention lag?
  • It seems they still haven’t fixed the /stuck bug…
  • About 100 kills with no valor because the person dies too recently? REALLY?
  • Dying on Ilum will now give a select screen with 2 options. Accept revive or return to medical center. Of course “accept revive” gives the “condition not present” message.
  • I just noticed that after completing my weekly, I’m getting no valor for kills on Ilum and not even getting the message telling me that I’m not getting valor. Other users are complaining of the same thing.
  • A number of players are reporting that their crit chance has dropped by up to 5%. We knew they were going to nerf surge but crit, too?

More bug reports are coming in, regularly. If I sat here trying to list them all (like getting 2-shotted by similarly geared republic Commandos) I’d be here all night.

So I’m going to leave it with this piece of info. BioWare is really screwing up here. If they don’t make the changes which are being screamed for by the masses, they’re soon going to find that there are no masses anymore and SWTOR will go free to play, just like every other failed MMO out there.

For such a big company with such a rich history of RPG development, it amazes me that they’ve been unable to figure this out. I will be following up later this evening with my list of things they need to do to fix their game…Not that I think they’ll listen; They’ve shown an baffling propensity toward ignoring their player base, thus far.

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