Live Casinos, Online? Sorta…

Posted by on February 20, 2012 at 8:38 pm

Have you ever wanted to play REAL roulette, Baccarat or Blackjack, with a real dealer and a real deck of cards, instead of a cleverly disguised random number generator, over the interwebs and from the comfort of you own home?

Well, with the emergence and growing popularity of “Live Casinos”, you can!

A few years ago, the concept of Live Casinos started up and over that few years, they’ve really started to take off…from 15 live casinos in 2008 to around 140, currently. Using video links to real live dealers, live casinos bring the gambling experience to you in the comfort of your own recliner and (based in the UK, obviously) have some of the finest live casino action around.

Here’s what they have to say.

The trend, which merges the clear advantages of the online casino experience with an authentic taste of a real life bricks and mortar casino, has gone from strength to strength since it first began to emerge four years ago. As advancements in technology continue to bring with them greater potential for a more atmospheric online casino experience it seems the live phenomenon is set to become far more than a passing fad.

A spokesperson for said: “When live casinos first appeared there was a sense in the industry that this was a neat but superficial idea that would probably pass. In fact, with advanced graphics and video streaming enabling an ever more immersive experience, it’s clear that the future of gaming online is live. Why go back to a pale, graphically limited imitation of the real thing when you can have, well, the real thing?!”

The concept of the live casino is straightforward enough: Games use a video link to a real life dealer who oversees the game live. So, whilst a gamer can participate from the comfort of their living room, in every other respect the game proceeds exactly as it would in a real casino. It’s a simple but inspired hybrid.

No wonder then that estimate the number of live casinos to have risen from 15 in 2008 to 140 in 2012.

The spokesperson for does, however, issue a caveat: “This explosion in the number of live casinos means that a little caution is sensible. With so many new live casinos springing up you really must make sure your experience is both entirely safe and as fulfilling as is possible.

Inevitably there will be a number of opportunist sites looking to cash in on the phenomenon with poor and potentially unsafe offerings. At we’ve made it our business to guide you towards trustworthy sites and some of the best offers going. We want everyone to see just how exciting the live casino experience can be.”

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