SWTOR Strategy Guide – Alderaan Civil War

Posted by on February 7, 2012 at 9:46 pm

Ahhh, Alderaan.

It’s as if million of n00bs cried out in terror and were suddenly steamrolled by a pair of 4-man pre-mades.

Wanna know how to slow them down, if not stop them all together?


First things first…Alderaan civil war is a basic capture-the-objective-and-gain-points style match. There are 3 points on the map which represent laser turret control panels. Capture those points and the associated laser turrets start pewpew’ing at the enemy capital ship. Keep them long enough and the capital ship goes boom. Whoever’s capital ship goes boom first, loses.

The 3 points are located “left”, “mid” and “right” and will be hotly contested for the duration of the match. Don’t get it twisted up and think this is a simple king of the hill match, either…It’s tough and those capture points are slaughter houses.

The usual tactic is for each team to send a couple of people to their left hand side and the rest of the team to the middle. People have caught on now, though and the new fad is to send a couple right, and the rest mid.

The best idea is to send a couple left and if the enemy team is zerging that side console, break 2 off from mid to that console and think about sending 1 or 2 to the other side if mid is hit hard…or vice versa…if there’s nobody at mid, cap it and left and then dig in for a battle.

It is important to not allow your crew to start funneling…that is, if a few of you die, regroup and go in force. If you straggle in, you’re just feeding valor to the enemy. Don’t do that.

Also, quitters suck so don’t be that guy. If you’re losing, at least hang around and get SOME valor points.

Good luck out there!

EDIT – Afterthought. The goal here…the ONLY goal here is to take the objectives. You’re not here to duel, you’re not here to fart around and have picnics, you’re not here to chase a half dead enemy player around in circles, you’re here to capture objectives. Do your job or go back to Dromund Kass and farm Sleens…seriously.

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