SWTOR Strategy Guide – HUTTBALL

Posted by on February 5, 2012 at 10:00 pm

So you’re hooked on Star Wars: The Old Rebublic and you want to play Huttball, huh? Well, that’s just dandy because I’m here to teach you how to not suck at that game.

Listen up and do as I say and you may just win a match or two!

The Rules:

The rules of Huttball are simple. Get the “ball” across the opposing team’s goal line in any way possible while stopping the other team from getting it across yours, also in any way possible. The first team to cross the goal line 6 times (or the team with the higher score when the time runs out) wins.

The Problem:

The problem is that the other team has the same idea as you and they’re going to do everything they can to bust you up and be the first to 6 points.

The DO’s:

DO be moving the ball forward at all times.
DO pass…often.
DO keep the enemy team away from your goal line at all times.
DO Be prepared to get the ball and pass it the second it resets.
DO practice using your snare/root/stun/mez breaks right when your resolve bar hits full.
DO stay the hell out of the pit. It’s a bad place to be.
DO make sure there is nobody around who is offended by foul language…you’ll be using a lot of it.

The DO NOT’s:

DO NOT let the opposing team drag you into a large scale battle.
DO NOT let the opposing team spread you thin.
DO NOT make the mistake of thinking the goal is to be the highest on the damage charts.
DO NOT run into the fire, the pit, the acid or the random ass air jets.
DO NOT stop moving the ball forward…ever…EVER!
DO NOT forget to pass to your team mates.
DO NOT blow all of your snares/roots/stuns before you NEED to.

If you want to win at Huttball, the only way is by scoring goals. The only way to score goals is to get the ball across the goal line. The only way to get the ball across the goal line is to GET the ball and then MOVE the ball.

The most successful Huttball groups I’ve seen can shut down the enemy defense and score 6 goals in just a few short minutes. I mean like…under 5 minutes. How do they do this? Communication and teamwork. You can tell they have a strategy because they seem to be everywhere at once but the ball doesn’t seem to exist; it is always in motion and always moving quickly.

These guys get the ball and pass the ball then pass it again, and again…they dump the ball as soon as they get engaged and rarely give the enemy a chance to take it.

And they get all the valor points and commendations at the end of the match, which means completing dailies and weeklies, getting those sweet, sweet gear bags and getting geared up.

So how do they do it?

The best groups set up lines…like daisy chains. They have one person waiting to get the ball when it resets and another person waiting to get the pass when the first guy gets the ball. Guy #1 grabs the ball and dumps it up the field immediately, getting it out of the hot zone in the middle of the map. Guy #2 catches the pass and moves the ball forward as far as he can while guy #3 waits for a pass. As soon as #2 can dump it, he will pass it up to #3 for a gain and the score. Meanwhile #4 is hanging back a little, floating, in case of emergency, then falling back to the center where #1 was, to scoop up the ball when it resets.

If things have gone right, #1 will now be where #2 was, #2 where #3 was, #3 will be on backup where #4 was and #4 will be scooping up the ball and dumping it to #1, rinse and repeat.

It is important to pay attention to your positioning in all of this. You want to stay close enough to get passed to but not so close to the ball carrier that you are set upon the instant you get the pass. The best teams I have seen have the guy in the middle, a guy on the second tier just near the corner and another guy near the flame jet nearest the goal line, with a floater who picks up interlopers and helps keep the path clear with snares, roots and stuns.

Scoop, run, pass, receive, run, pass, receive, run, score, rotate and reset.

Also, communication.

Again the biggest key is to keep from getting drawn into fights. You have to keep moving the ball and you must absolutely stay out of open combat as much as possible. It WILL find you from time to time, though, and you WILL die. When you do, don’t forget your plan. Get back on the field and back into position as soon as possible…there’s a damned game to win!

So that covers the offense, what about defense? Well, you are going to need to kill the ball carrier…hard. When they die, you take the ball. As soon as you do, you need to dump it – either pass it or ground it. If you can pass, hit it. If you have to dump it, it is useful to make sure someone is near the center who can pick it up when it resets.

Note: you can not get the ball if you are in stealth mode and can not enter stealth if you have the ball. Also, when carrying the ball, you can not run…you walk, unless you have force speed, which will give you a short burst of turbo.

Now let’s talk about that enemy ball carrier. If your team doesn’t suck ass, you’ll have people hammering the ball carrier with direct attacks and trying to root or stun them over hazards. If they do suck ass, they will have blown their roots and snares before the ball carrier ever got to the ramps and the carrier will now have a full resolve bar. Which means no stuns, no pulls, no pushes, no roots, no snares…you get the idea.

Usually, they suck ass…this means raw dps is the only way to stop the advance.

So don’t be that guy. Don’t blow your roots and stuns on the carrier until they are in a position where being rooted will kill them, like when they are right on top of a flame jet, or until it is necessary to stop them in their tracks or pull/push them back, like when they are a foot from the goal line. I’ve seen a ball carrier die there and the defenders come right back and score on that possession. Use your resources wisely, this is Huttball not Team Deathmatch.

Remember, at the end of the game, the team with the most POINTS wins, not the team with the highest damage, best dps, most kills or most medals. POINTS – Score them.

Also, heal the damned ball carrier.


In a Huttball match, the ranged players should control the catwalks. Sorcs, Bounty Hunters, Snipers…these guys should have the platforms on lockdown and should kill or expel any opponent who dares to enter their domain. Now here is an important part…those ranged players are DEFENDERS. They should be on their own side of the map, picking off ball carriers before they hit the ramps and knocking off the ones who make it.

Proper positioning is paramount. If you are on the wrong side of the map, you are in no place to block the advance of the ball carrier. It is like trying to stop a running back, from the concession stand…not gonna happen. Make sure you’re on the right side of the field and be prepared to displace when needed….NOT TO CHASE KILLS, to stop players from advancing.

Nobody from the opposing team should ever get behind the defenders…EVER. If they do, you’ve failed at your job.

If your team is doing their jobs you’re going to have no problem getting the ball across the goal line repeatedly, while keeping the opposing team from doing the same to you. Again, though – and I can’t stress this enough – don’t let the opposing team sucker you into fighting and get you spread thin. Keep your mind on the objective and keep scoring goals.



EDIT – Afterthought. Your only objective in Huttball is to score goals and keep the enemy from scoring. You are not here to see how many people you can lasso into the acid pits, you’re not here to 1v1 or see how many times you can blow your CC cooldown, you’re here to score and to keep the enemy from scoring. You need to be zerging the ball on every possession, whether it is your team or theirs who has it. Zerg the ball, all the time. You need to keep people out of position to pull the ball carrier forward. If you can’t figure that out and you’re here to dick around and ignore the game, go to Hutta and punch Evocii…GTFO my Huttball game

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