What Does BioWare Need To Do To Fix SWTOR?

Posted by on February 14, 2012 at 9:04 pm

Some people would say Star Wars: The Old Republic is fine as it is. Many would disagree. If you look in the forums you’ll see a lot of unreasonable requests, foolish demands and crazy ideas. You’ll also see some which are inspired, make perfect sense and cause you to wonder why these things weren’t implemented in the first place.

Since it’s hard to dig through all of the madness, I’ve compiled a little list.

Here I will present some of the ideas I can’t believe have gone without notice or haven’t been implemented, thusfar. I will also include a couple of the real doozies which are SO bad, they have to be mentioned.

First, the good

Sort out PVP warzones to reward the people who focus on the objectives and not those who run around, willy nilly, ignoring those objectives but just hitting everyone they see. If not, then just kill the objectives concept entirely and make them arena matches.

In huttball, more points, commendations and medals should be awarded to those who focus on the objective, which is to score goals, Let’s give more points to those who attack the ball carrier, pass the ball, carry the ball and score touchdowns and less to those who run around the map, ignoring the ball completely, and just want to kill people. Scoring half a million damage shouldn’t help you at all when the score is 6:1 against your side.

Likewise for Voidstar. Give more objective points, commendations and medals to the people who are attempting to capture or defend objectives and less to the people who stand at max range just popping off shots at people who get too close. Doing half a million damage to the other team should do you no good if the other team makes it to the datacore but your team gets stopped at the first set of doors.

Alderaan Civil War is just broken. Scrap it and start over with something better. Since this will never happen, reward the players who are working toward the objectives by fighting to capture turret controls, not those who stay WAAAAAAY in the middle of the fields and fight 2v2 so their team has no chance to get those objectives.

Deserter debuff. NOW.

Warzone desertion is rampant and has caused huge problems with people not being able to complete daily and weekly PVP quests. This is simple – If you desert a warzone by clicking out of it, you get a deserter debuff and can’t requeue for X minutes, if you disconnect from the game and reconnect, you’re placed right back in the same game the second you attempt to requeue. If you disconnect again, within 30 mins, you get the debuff (because you’re either trying to abuse the system or you’re having connection issues and shouldn’t be trying to PVP anyway).

Sort out player naming

As amusing as it may be for some to make characters named Dookie Crappypants or Unwashed Foreskin or Dewen Yermom, it’s not anywhere within the naming policy set forth and for many people ruins the immersion aspect of the gaming experience.

Cross server warzones

Yeah, we know you’re working on this but this should have been implemented on day 1. There’s a lot of people who would also like to see Ilum go cross-server, instanced, but until you sort out the unbelievable lag on Ilum, there’s no point in doing so. I don’t know what causes it but my framerate will drop from 110+ to about 6 fps the minute there’s more than about 4 enemies on the screen…and this isn’t accounting for effects like lightning and explosions…those make it worse…yet I get no graphics chop or lag in warzones with 16 people. This is a known issue which has been occurring for some time now and it’s not been fixed. SORT IT OUT.

Implement the ability to invite someone to a group from the guild list…also, fix the damned guild list.

This needs no explanation.

Stop with the copy and paste automated responses to tickets.

Many people are very tired of getting nothing but the same canned replies to tickets. You make bunches of money, hire some people to handle customer service issues or watch your game go down in flames. I think the lack of good CS is the #1 issue I see pop up in the forums and is definitely the most common complaint I hear in-game. You’ve gone a long way toward showing your player base you don’t really care, as long as they give you their $15 by paying nothing but lip service and basically blowing people off. You have a lot to prove, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Fix PVE vs PVP gear.

Too many people are using PVP as a way to gear up for PVE. Many people were under the understanding that PVP gear isn’t really useful in PVE and that’s the way it should be. Change the stats on the PVP gear so it’s only useful in a PVP setting. Instead of strength and endurance and willpower, give us stats like armor penetration, toughness, damage boost etc…And make those stats useless against PVE mobs. At the same time, make the existing stats useless in PVP. It’s not like it will take more than a day to code that…make it happen.

Fix the resolve system

The stated concept of the resolve system is that when a player has a full resolve bar they are immune to full stuns and can only be rooted and snared, not stunned. This is not so. I know dozens of players who are regularly hit by full stun / mez type skills with a full resolve bar. You say this isn’t supposed to happen, the players say it IS happening. Also, when he hit someone with no resolve and nothing happens to them, there’s a bug. Hunt it down and kill it.

Add more to the VIP lounges

We paid $20 extra and got a vip wristband. The VIP lounges are useless. They’re rooms with nobody in them and absolutely no reason to go to them. This is utterly ridiculous. At least put some more NPC’s in there so we can feel like there’s something going on…speaking of which:

The stations and cities are lifeless.

This is a no-brainer. Add more NPC’s to the cities and the station to make it at least APPEAR that something is going on there. This empty space thing is for the birds.

Balance the classes

Without NERFING THEM. ’nuff said.

Remove the need for us to go to an orbital station, then to a shuttle, then finally to a planet.

This is nothing more than a time sink and you all know it. This does nothing to add realism or immersion to the game. It is simply a way of slowing down progress by making us sit through multiple load screens and run all over the place. Just put spaceports on every planet and let us land at them. Don’t be lazy about it, either.

More end-game content.

One would think that you devs would have figured out, long ago, that you can’t run an RPG with no end-game content. As it is now you have a handful of flashpoints and ops with multiple difficulty settings. DIFFICULTY SETTINGS?! Way to rip off Lich King…really. If you want to impress people, make end game content which is accessible to everyone and is fresh and new, taking stuff like that from other dev shops is just poor marksmanship and shows laziness and a lack of care for your gaming community.

Stop trying to log people out for “inactivity” when they are crafting.

Seriously, if the game isn’t smart enough to know that you’re clicking on windows and buttons and making conscious decisions right there at the keyboard, you’ve really showed your asses to the world. This is a no-brainer. Me clicky, me stay logged in. Thank you.

And now the bad

Nerf [Insert Class Here]

Stop right there. Don’t nerf SHIT. People need to stop with the idea that the only way to class balance is to make Classes X, Y and Z less powerful. Here’s a better idea: Bring the underpowered classes up to speed by BUFFING them…hurrdurrrrrr

Get rid of PVP armor

I’ve seen a few people say that PVP armor shouldn’t be in the game and that all PVP should be done with raid gear. Of course this is a startlingly stupid idea and should be ignored.


Oh, also – The UGLY

Make Pure Shockfrozen Water a single-use item

Oh, wait…you already did that. Here’s a better idea – Make the 30 minute “buff” a 30 minute “debuff” so it can’t be clicked off. derp.

Again, these are just a handful of the things I’ve seen and heard people complain about. Many of these issues have been around since beta and still aren’t fixed, 3 months after release. It’s time for you guys there at BioWare to get off your duffs and do something or I promise you, your game is going to be in the bargain bin and then on the f2p list really fast when the next best thing comes along.

Do yourselves a favor.

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