Angry Birds Space Arrives!… Is Definitely More Angry Birds!

Posted by on March 22, 2012 at 1:05 pm

Today marks the mammoth release of Angry Birds Space, the latest installment in the ubiquitous mobile gaming franchise. Space marks the first real twist in the physics-based puzzle formula as you’re no longer chucking said Angry Birds at ground-based targets, but rather a variety of ground and space-based pigs, all under the variable control of gravity.

For one, I admire the Angry Birds formula, but I was pretty much done with the series about thirty levels into the first game. Catapulting birds of various propensity at haphazardly constructed obstacles is only amusing for so long. I’m no doubt in the minority as the several follow-ups have made Rovio hundreds of millions of dollars. Still, I figured that the space-based formula would rekindle my excitement for this style of gameplay. Nah.

So you’ll have to keep in mind that objects don’t simply fall down anymore, they fall sideways and round ways and so forth. You can use bomb birds around asteroids to pelt them at castles on a planet below where the atmosphere makes the crash makes the descent that much more intense. You’ll have to manage your speed and trajectory as you fling your birds around planetoids en route to other planetoids. All of these are welcome wrinkles to the franchise, but simply aren’t interesting enough to keep me going for the long haul.

Kelly will have his review up later, but while this will continue to do gangbusters, I think it’s time Rovio pulled some eggs out of its Angry Birds nest.

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