Ok BioWare – It’s Time We Had A Serious Talk About SWTOR

Posted by on March 9, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Let me start off by saying that I wanted Star Wars: The Old Republic, from the first time I heard of it being in development. I looked forward to playing it for years and when it finally arrived, I was fairly impressed with the attention to detail in the story, the way things were laid out with character progression, how the game had so much promise for the future.

Now, it seems you’re doing every thing you can to wreck that future.

Your players, the people who pay you monthly fees to play your game, have been trying to talk to you. They’ve been leaving you messages on your forums, they’ve been sending you emails, they’ve been calling your customer service department and they’ve been creating tickets in the game.

I know this because I know many of the people who play your game and they all tell me the same stories.

I know this because I play your game and I see the same things they tell me.

So since you seem unable, or unwilling to provide more than copy/paste automated responses to the questions people ask you or the issues they present to you, and since you seem so happy to delete pretty much any thread in your forums which call you out or hit a little too close to home, I’ll go ahead and present some of those issues here, in a public place…One which gets enough traffic to make it sting when we’re not riding a company’s jock like most of the OTHER sites out there.

And we’ll probably sell you out every time you do something stupid…Not because we hate you but because we know you can do better if you just apply yourselves and start thinking like educated adults.

The first thing I want to talk about is your complete and utter lack of skill in the subject of MATH. I think it is very important that you and your people crack open some remedial math books and study up on your “MADS” or “Multiplication, Addition, Division, Subtraction”. Basic skill in math will help you avoid problems like this:

Ilum PVP Dailies / Weeklies:

It used to take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days (at a few hours per day) to finish the PVP weekly on Ilum, depending on resistance, backup, etc…on a really good day, the 150 kill weekly could be finished in less than an hour;

This was accouting for the 1 frame per second we’d see on Ilum, the second an enemy showed up.

So you make it possible for us to get our progression through running warzones and when you announced this, the masses cheered. I was amazed at the idea that we wouldn’t have to deal with Ilum again until it was fixed. You KNOW it’s broken…You KNOW it’s a big mess so you made changes to make it so we wouldn’t have to be there…you even bullet pointed it at the GL summit.

  • We know they are less popular than warzones. 3x more level 50 warzone players than ilum players – Ilum has some problems!
  • Going back to the drawing board for Ilum – more details later this year.
  • We got a bit too ambitious with ilum – we had some technical difficulties that got in the way of what we wanted to accomplish. Ilum will still be there but just not as incentivzed as much.
  • Redesign Ilum to be more fun and engaging – if it is the right time and right place it is going to be fun – we want to make timed objectives, balancing measures between factions.
  • Removing Ilum PVP quests – rewards being moved to warzones for now.

Look at that last point there. You’re removing Ilum PVP quests and moving them to warzones.

And here’s where a little bit of math would come in handy – If I run a warzone and complete it, I get credit for 3 “kills” toward my Ilum daily / weekly. 3 kills…

I don’t get credit for any of the people I kill, I don’t get credit for medals, I get credit for 3 kills.

At that rate, it will take 10 warzone completions to hit my daily, 50 to hit my weekly.

Each warzone can take as much as 17 minutes to complete (including the opening wait and then waiting to close the results window, allowing for 15 minutes of play per warzone for running the clock out) and usually takes more than 10. If we go with 10 as the number, that means I have to complete 10 warzones at 10 minutes each to get my daily, 50 at 10 mins each to get my weekly. Accounting for queue times at various points during the day, we can assume a 5-10 minute wait between warzones as an average…let’s call it 7 to be fair.

Now let’s do some MADS! 10 mins per WZ + 7 mins to queue = 17 mins per warzone * 10 warzones = 170 mins / 60 mins = 2.83 hours -a few minutes of productivity each hour to pee/grab a captain & coke/have some cheeze nips = 3 hours…per day…EVERY DAY and that’s if we do nothing but queue for warzones. No ops, no hard modes, no training, no GTN, no space missions, no PVE dailies…we just queue…over and over and over again. And if we talk about the WEEKLY…150 per week? That’s 15 hours! That’s almost a part-time job!

Can you see the problem here?

Make ALL OF MY WARZONE KILLS count toward my progression…Hell, make it 2:1…give me 1 “Ilum kill” per 2 warzone kills if you don’t want to go 1:1. That is the only way this can work…otherwise I’m spending a part time job worth of hours on pvp dailies…and we’re not even talking about the warzone dailies, we’re just talking about the ILUM ones…15 hours to get those and 3 hours total per day…that’s nuts.

Moving on from that, let’s talk about champ commendations.

We know that a person can buy a champion bag for a total of 800 warzone commendations (that’s 200 warzone and 200 mercenary commendations, after you drop 600 wz coms on merc coms because merc coms don’t seem to drop anywhere). In each champ bag, you get 15 centurion commendations and 7 champion commendations.

With the centurion coms, you can gear up your companions, buy backup sets, etc…so those are still useful. For some reason, though, you’ve introduced the ability to buy individual champ coms at…get this…120 WZ coms each.

Now let’s do some more MADS!

1 champ bag = 7 champ and 15 cent coms for 800 wz coms. Discluding the cent coms entirely, 800 wz coms / 7 champ coms = 114.285 WZ : Champ but to buy 7 champ coms, straight up, you’re going to pay 7 * 120 = 840 WZ coms and, again, that’s MINUS the cent coms, which are still very usable.

I find it completely impossible to wrap my mind around this. How, in the name of all that’s good and true in this world, can it be more expensive to buy JUST champ coms than it is to buy champ and cent coms together?! I’m not kidding you when I say that when I saw the price of the champ coms and subconsciously did the math on it, my brain actually shit its pants.


Yet you can’t seem to get this game right? Yikes.

Hop on over to the next page and we’ll talk about same-faction warzones and some other goodies.

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