Skyrim Gaining Kinect Support

Posted by on April 12, 2012 at 8:53 am

From fan made Kinect video to reality. Bethesda will be releasing a an update to Skyrim on the Xbox360 that will allow Kinect voice support. Bethesda has added an array of voice commands to enable xbox360 owners to select spells, weapons and ally commands easier. More details past the break.

I think one of Kinect’s best attributes is its voice recognition Being able to naturally speak and have Kinect interpret reasonably responsively really gives the Kinect many different use cases. For this particular game I believe Bethesda has nailed a great use for it. Once the patch hits, you will now be able to speak your shout to use it instead of jumping into the menu and changing the shout each time. Bethesda didn’t stop there either. They added an array of voice commands that should enable gamers to continue with gameplay without jumping into the menu’s constantly.

Additionally you’ll be able to navigate menu’s using voice commands as well as set voice commands hot keys. You’ll be able to quickly pull up your map as well as navigate around the map with your voice. A simple command such as “Where Am I?” to quickly jump back to your locatoin. Also, they have added voice commands for quick save and quick load, something I hope all devleoper follow.

The patch should be hitting later this month. You can see additional details in the video below.

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