Spending Some Time With Sniper Elite V2 – Including Gameplay Video

Posted by on April 27, 2012 at 10:52 pm

Yes, folks, it’s time to talk about Sniper Elite V2 (The demo at least) and tell you what I thought about the upcoming sniper title from Rebellion and 505 Games.

Before I get into the meat of it I will tell you this: If you can’t handle gore – including flying chunks of bone, teeth, hair and eyeballs, you’re going to want to give this one a pass.

If you can hack it, read on!

Let me start by telling you all that I have played this demo through repeatedly. I’ve played it on every difficulty level, including custom difficulty settings, and have drilled so many Nazis in the head that I’m pretty sure I could have single-handedly put an end to WWII.

One of the things that I noted, straight from the get-go, is the level of gore in this title. It’s AWESOME! They clearly went for balls-to-the-wall realism with this game and that’s obvious from the very first time you shoot a dirty, scum-bag Nazi in the suck-hole and see the teeth fly out of his head or catch one in the cheekbone or forehead and watch one of his eyeballs dangle out of his head.


And here’s the gist of the game. You’re a sniper (obviously) running around in WWII, killing evil-doers. You play from a third-person perspective and have the ability to take cover, vault over objects, crawl prone, sprint, crouch, etc. You have a variety of projectile and explosive weapons to choose from and can use them in any place and in any way you want. Try using a trip mine on a doorway to protect your flank from encroaching krauts…Awesome!

You’re going to get missions which will generally revolve around you – brace for it – killing bad guys…by shooting them from a long, long way away.

Of course you can choose alternate methods of killing them, like blowing them up with planted dynamite or mines, but usually it’s a lot more fun to see their eyeballs pop out when you catch them with a headshot so you may want to just stick with that method.

Of course the demo is fairly short but I think it does a really good job of showcasing what the game will be all about, which is basically a cross between a third-person shooter and a stealther with good graphics, solid gameplay and plenty of exploding heads and livers so if you’re the kind of person who likes those kinds of things, you’ll LOVE Sniper Elite V2.

I know I did!

Check out the video below, which covers a number of gameplay aspects, and think about all the fun you can have popping Nazi heads with high velocity projectiles.

And, for the record, yes, I will be getting this on release day.


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