E3 2012 – Rob’s Predictions

Posted by on May 16, 2012 at 4:54 pm

E3 2012 is a scant 3 weeks away and Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Activision, EA, and many other massive players in the entertainment and gaming worlds will be making tons of announcements regarding new and exciting things which are coming up for all of us in the near future.

When so many people are going to be making so many announcements about so many things, there’s bound to be tons of rumor and speculation about what’s to come. So now it’s my turn to speculate and share with all of you a few of my predictions as to what will happen at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, 2012.

Nintendo will rename the Wii U

You mean it’s not just another Wii?

Amidst concerns that the name Wii U will fool consumers into thinking it’s just another iteration of the Wii, which could effect sales for their soon to be released portable, Nintendo will announce a new name for the device. What that name will be, I have no clue but I’m sure it will be something witty like “Not-A-Wii Portable” or “This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s DS”. Also, I’m 100% sure they won’t be calling it “WiiDS”.

Cross-Platform gaming will become a reality

Things are gonna get real between Console and PC gamers

It’s already started. With Dust 514 and Eve Online sharing a virtual galaxy, the path to cross-platform gaming has been laid out. I believe that a number of cross-platform initiatives will be discussed – and potentially announced – at E3. It will probably start small, with Sony and Nintendo announcing interoperability between their consoles and their handhelds but this will likely grow, in the near future, to include console and PC gamers being able to compete directly with one another.

This will also, of course, lead to entire new markets in PC and Console hardware, as manufacturers and developers fight to keep their demographic ahead of the others in the war to rule the internets.

GTA V and the new Elder Scrolls MMO – Stars of the Show

Watch the world go boom

Rockstar will roll out lots of TPS goodness in showcasing the upcoming continuation of their mega-smash-ultra-super-ginourmous-uber-power-hit series, Grand Theft Auto V. This will get so much hype and attention that the world will be brought to the brink of cataclysm as fans of the series shower the world with bajillions of gallons of DNA. GTA V will garner so much attention over the weeks following E3 that Google’s servers will scream in terror every time someone types in a new search for the title.

Of course, the new Elder Scrolls MMO will also get some love at E3 and this is going to cause another massive wave of giddiness and school-girlesque giggling. The number of articles written about this title will rival the number of books written about dragons and vampires and werewolves (oh my!) combined. Yes, there will be lots and lots of attention paid to this one and I suspect it could be the start of something good.

That is – if it’s not another WoW clone.

Price Drops

Prices…Going down like a hooker at a sales convention

Prices have to drop. It’s what they do. Prices especially have to drop after years and years of them not dropping in any significant way.

At E3, Microsoft and Sony will both announce price drops for their consoles. I won’t pretend to know how low the prices will drop but I will say that I think the drops will be significant. I believe that Microsoft and Sony are both going to be setting the world up for the next generation of consoles, which we all know are being planned and will be released sometime between now and the end of the world (unless the Mayans were right).

Will there be another price drop for the Wii? Only time will tell but I don’t think it TOO unlikely…

Which leads me to my next, and final *major* prediction for E3 2012.

New Consoles Will Be Announced!

Brace for impact, they’re coming.

If you’ve listened to our podcasts, you’ve likely heard Nick and myself going back and forth on this one, from time to time. I believe that new consoles will be announced at E3, Nick believes I’m on crack. We even have a bet on the subject.

So here’s my prediction on that. Sony will absolutely, positively, without any shadow of a doubt in my mind, announce a new console at E3. Sony has stated, in the past, that they can not allow themselves to get beat to the punch in the upcoming generation. They believe that if Microsoft makes it to home plate first, they’re sunk so there is no way this E3 is going to pass without them making the announcement of a new console.

As for Microsoft, they’ve said that they aren’t going to talk about a new console at E3 but that doesn’t really mean anything, does it? I mean…these marketing folks lie all the time. It’s what marketing folks do. So maybe they won’t actually show off their new hardware but they’ll damned sure show a teaser video for it. I imagine it will be right at the end of their press conference, for maximum hype, and they’ll show the video and then act like none of it ever happened.

What we know for sure is that the new consoles are coming and they’re coming soon. We know that MS and Sony are going to put on the gloves and step into the ring against one another where they’ll fight the fight they’ve been wanting to fight for years. The only thing we don’t know is which one of them will score the knockout. Or if the loser of the next generation will hang up their gloves for good.

And now, on to some of the lesser predictions for E3.

  • Grand Theft Auto HD Collection will be announced. Probably exclusive to Sony’s hardware.
  • PSN Video store will get a makeover.
  • MS will announce more streaming services for XBL. IP TV? We’ll see.
  • Lots of stuff for the PS Vita, including a bunch of 3rd party software.
  • We’ll get a first look at Project Titan from Activision / Blizzard.
  • EA / BioWare will talk about plans for SWTOR. I see them showing off Guild Capital Ships.
  • Something to do with Pokemon.

Of course we’ll be covering the whole thing from beginning to end so make sure you check back on a very regular basis, before, during and after E3 for more predictions, rumors, coverage, opinions and news on the biggest entertainment event of the year!

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