I Want Phantasy Star Online 2

Posted by on May 10, 2012 at 2:22 am

Sega’s upcoming Phantasy Star Online sequel will be free to play. Not much has been said about the franchise as of late, however they are attempting to make a comeback.

I was a huge Phantasy Star Online fan sitting in my room late at night with my Dreamcast controller, and a 56k connection playing PSO until my eyes bled. Originally PSO was free to play for the Dreamcast and when version 2 was released they tacked on the monthly fee which they called a “Hunter’s License”. I grumbled and paid the fifteen dollars a month because I loved the gameplay, hunting those rare enemies for those powerful special weapons, and at the time there was no other console that had online access like this.

Sega plans to release PSO2 on PlayStation Vita, the Android Market, and PC. Obviously the gaming market has changed dramatically since the Dreamcast, and Sega’s announcement to make this game free to play leaves many wondering if the game will be any good.

Phantasy Star Online was a good game that had many expansions known as “versions”, but upon the release of Phantasy Star Universe (PSU) Sega took a huge financial hit in the online gaming market. Phantasy Star Universe attempted to tell a completely separate story offline and strive to be like PSO with it’s online component and it turned out to suck badly.

I cannot wait until this game comes out and I have high expectations Sega, don’t mess this up!

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