$99 Xbox 360 + Kinect Bundle: Now Available At Stores You Go To

Posted by on June 25, 2012 at 3:52 pm

A few months ago, Microsoft unveiled a new $99 Xbox 360/Kinect bundle that was subsidized by a $15/month subscription and we called it the way of the future. Well, not quite, but the offer was only available at Microsoft Stores. Who goes there? What is that, even?

Well, today Major Nelson announced that this subsidized bundle will now be available at Best Buy and Gamestop on a trial basis, so snap yours up today! For the price, you’ll also receive Xbox Live Gold service, which will grant you access to gaming, Netflix, and a billion other things that are free on other consoles. Yeah, yeah, I know. Still, the ide a of a super cheap $99 console at a time when consoles would normally be $99 seems odd, but previous generations haven’t had the functional lift that this one has. With the next generation of consoles out next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another big price drop. It won’t be to $99, but it’ll be close.

Take advantage of this offer while it’s still around! -round! -round!…

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