Bullet Run – Tips, Tricks, And Strategy

Posted by on June 28, 2012 at 11:12 pm


With the release of Bullet Run looming, there’s a ton of people playing the beta and getting their game on, killing one another for fame, money and glory.

When the game releases, of course, those people will have a leg up in experience and knowledge, which will help them rise to the top of the popularity heap faster than the newbies.

That being said, I have a few hints and tips which will help you in your quest for fame ad riches!

First off, make sure you utilize your cover properly. The weapons in Bullet Run are deadly and it doesn’t take much to wreck your face all over the arena. Make sure you hype up the crown and build up plenty of heat, as well…And your skills and equipment, yeah it’s going to be important that you use those. A well placed Neurofang can mean the difference between living and getting splattered all over a wall.

On top of those things, here are some tips which were sent out to us via Sony Online Entertainment’s PR people. Read them, accept them, love them

  • Don’t forget to TAUNT after you’ve killed someone! It’s the key to unlocking your Skills during a match.
  • You can slide on your knees making it harder for enemies to shoot you by using the Akimbo skill and the right-mouse button.
  • When using the Endorphex Skill make sure to dash at your enemies to take them out.
  • You can remote control the Blastdrone and Neurofang by using the right-mouse button.
  • It doesn’t just pay to be good at killing, you also need to look the part.
Remember that you’re playing in a game show and image is EVERYTHING. You can’t afford to just kill people and walk away…You have to rub their face in it after you do them in.
So get out there and get to killin! And do it with style.

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