E3 2012 – An Interview With Extra Life

Posted by on June 6, 2012 at 7:00 am

When we were preparing for E3, I learned of a charity organization called Extra Life, who focuses on helping children with serious diseases…Diseases like cancer, leukemia and other life threatening illnesses. I also learned that they would be at E3.

I got in contact with them, through the Children’s Miracle Network, and they immediately agreed to an interview with the founder of the organization – a man named Jeromy Adams.

It took us a while to get things nailed down because, naturally, Jeromy is a fairly busy man. Trying to get things organized for running a large charity event, which will take place on October 20th; A game-til-you-drop charity marathon.

Jeromy started this organization several years ago after being inspired by a girl named Victoria Enmon. Tori was fighting a particularly nasty form of leukemia and used video games as a way to relax during this trying time. Those games, donated by the community from Sarcastic Gamer – which was run by Jeromy – helped lift Tori’s sprits which, in a case like that, can be a very healing experience itself.

Well, after a few missed attempts to get together (really my fault due to briefings and meetings running over time) Jeromy and I managed to finally get some time to talk about Extra Life and get an idea for what they’re doing. Of course we got it on video and we’re happy to present it to you here. Check it out and then consider getting some sponsors and making some money for kids!

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