E3 2012 – Hands On With Planetside 2 From Sony Online Entertainment

Posted by on June 8, 2012 at 1:22 am

Planetside 2, from Sony Online Entertainment. How did it stack up?

Yeah…that happened…Planetside 2 got its hands all over me today and I, in turn, did some handling of IT, as well.

I made my way to the Sony Online Entertainment booth, where I got to go hands on with a few different titles, including Wizardry online, D.C. Universe Online and, of course, Planetside 2.

So what were my thoughts?

I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this beast for a long time. I was a fan of the first Planetside and when I heard that a new one was coming, I started to froth at the mouth, almost instantly. For those who are unaware, Planetside pretty much created the MMOFPS genre of games and, in doing so, set the bar high enough that nobody’s been able to top them, yet…So when they announced the sequel, I couldn’t help but think that they would be the ones to dethrone their own long reigning champion.

After watching a short, closed-door video presentation, where the narrator talked about all of the various customization options which are available, and how long it should take to unlock all of them for all of the classes (About 2.5 years for most players), as well as going over the basics of all of the vehicles and aircraft available, we got some beta codes for later use, as well as some swag, and headed back out to the show floor.

They walked me over to a PC running the game on the network and gave me a quick tutorial on some of the things which have changed from the first game. I grabbed up a light armored soldier and immediately set out to the vehicle pad, where I scooped up a mosquito, equipped it with air to air guns and missiles (due to the prevalence of air ships in the area) and then took off to get me some!

Yeah…the game looks THAT good.

I took off and started my assault on the enemy…or more like they kicked my face in, since a lot of the guys I was playing against were devs and testers who have probably hundreds of hours of game time under their belts as compared to my 100 seconds. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the time I spent on that first flight, so much, that my 30 minute play window turned into an hour and twelve minutes and I finally had to rip myself away so I wouldn’t end up missing all of my other meetings for the day.

This is where all of the action was taking place.

The controls on the game are standard WASD movement keys with mouse-look and mouse-firing. With the default keymaps, the left button fires the left side weapon or main weapon if only one if present and the right button fires the right side weapon or looks down the barrel it only one weapon is present…Again, pretty standard FPS fare. In vehicular combat the mouse wheel selects between weapons and the left button fires…again, standard WASD movement.


By the time I was finished playing the game I’d played every infantry class and had driven or piloted every vehicle and airship. I’d died several times and scored several kills and had nothing but fun with the whole thing. All in all it was a great experience and I can say, very happily, that I’ll be getting this one on release day…not a doubt in my mind!

As an aside, we’ve got the beta of Planetside 2 coming up really soon and we may, or may not have a little surprise so you will want to keep checking back with us for details!

Also, here’s a trailer with live assets from the game…Yes, it really looks as good as the video.

Planetside will be releasing this year so make sure your keep your eyes open for it. For more details, visit the Planetside 2 website.

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