Far Cry 3 Hands on With Single Player

Posted by on June 7, 2012 at 3:43 pm

It saddens me to say that I have not played any of the previous Far Cry games because I had a lot of fun with this game. I’m not going to lie, what originally intrigued me to the game was during the Ubisoft press conference, there were boobs! At first I had the game confused with Crysis and was like what are you talking about guys, I thought you were in some kind of special suit that allowed you to go invisible? I know, I know I need to play more games.

The Ubisoft booth is right across from the Disney booth and the demo of Far Cry was on the outside of the Ubisoft booth. Why do you care? Well during the demo you get to see the chick riding you and here boobs everywhere while people are waiting in line to get a picture in the Where’s My Water booth and people waiting to get Mickey Mouse ears.

I tried to go all gung-ho in the demo and was taken out a couple of times by enemies. After that I was told that I should be sneaking around and that there was a close-up kill button, sweet! I’m sure I looked like a total pro playing the game after I knew about that. Sniping with a bow and arrow. Sneaking up on a group of enemies, quickly taking out one with an arrow and stabbing the other dude in the throat.

What I liked about this game was with the bow and arrow pulled back it would show a white sillouhette where the person was and an icon over the enemy that you should be killing. The boss guy at the end of the demo reminded me of the opening scene in Lethal Weapon 4, you know the one with the flamethrower guy. The sillouhette shows you need to shoot the tank in order to take out the boss. Well, you know since I’m such a pro, I got the guy to get follow where I wanted him to go and take out an explosive canister behind him, taking the dude down. THAT’S WHAT I DO SON!

I will be picking this game up for sure and no it’s not because of the boobs, stop being immature guys.

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