More Planetside 2 Goodness – The E3 2012 Theater Video

Posted by on June 26, 2012 at 11:46 pm

The Vanu Heavy Assaulter. Pray for a quick death, scumbags.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to E3 2012, you missed a lot, as we are sure you know. Among the things you missed were a vast number of behind-closed-doors, theater style videos which highlighted the upcoming goodness of the games they were representing.

For many games, the vast majority of gamers will never get to see the videos we journalists got to view. In the case of Planetside 2, however, Sony Online Entertainment has seen fit to release the theater video to the public and we have a copy of it for your enjoyment.

In this video, the presenter is talking about all of the different factions and the types of units which are available to them. They discuss a bit about the philosophy of each of the 3 factions and the differences in technology and weaponry between the Terran Republic, The New Conglomerate, and the Vanu Sovereignty.

They talk about all of the different types of units, from the infiltrators to the medium and heavy assault classes as well as the heavy combat units like the Max.

We also get a look at the various types of airships, from the nimble fighters to the large troop transports, and then we get into the customization options, which are nearly limitless, and the tracking website which will allow you to track all of your skills and accomplishments in real time.

Also, the game allows for parties, called squads and platoons, and “clans” are called “outfits”…I think “companies” or “squads” sounds better but…what do I know?

Anyway, check out the video and enjoy!

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