Runes Of Magic Gets An Update…And We Have Some Giveaways!

Posted by on June 20, 2012 at 11:09 pm

Runes of Magic has been updated with a new race, new classes and tons of other goodies!

Runes of Magic, the free to play MMORPG – Developed by Runewalker and published by Frogster – has recently been updated. The new Chapter V update, Fires of Shadowforge, includes a number of improvements and changes, as well as a level cap boost, new zones, 2 new classes and a new RACE.

The update went live on June 12th and we’ve been given some giveaway codes for a special in-game…item? Maybe it’s an item…or maybe it’s a companion! Read on!

Ok, I’m not going to lie. It’s a companion. We’ve been given codes for an undisclosed number of Fireboot Priest companions…We have more than 5, less than 50, that’s all I’ll tell you. We’re going to be giving those codes out to our readers, and this is how it’s going to work.

This is the companion which is being given away…The Fireboot Priest.

Send us a tweet (@FezHQ), telling us you want one. Make sure you’re following us because we will DM the codes to the people who have won them. If you’re NOT following us, you won’t be able to get your code and it will go to the next person in the list. We will continue handing out codes until we’re out of them, and then this article will be updated to reflect that the giveaway is over.

So what’s new in Chapter V? We’ll tell ya!

What’s New in Chapter V:

  • Level cap raised to 72
  • Two new zones with new dungeons
  • New playable race: Shadowforge Dwarves
  • Two new classes: Champion and Warlock
  • Equipment swap button for the third class
  • Adjustments to the Battlefields
  • 12 Zodiac Pets (activated monthly, with upgrade leveling)
  • Adjustment to the level curve
  • Varanas Nightmare now a PvE zone
Now, I’ve played Runes of Magic and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a quest driven MMO that’s not very linear so you get to roam around and have fun and do this and that, however you want…It has a VERY robust crafting system and it’s totally free to play, which is amazing, considering the quality of the game. In addition to those new features, here are some of the things you can look forward to in the future!

 Planned Future Additions to Chapter V:

  • Level cap of 77
  • Additional action bars in the interface
  • New guild buildings and skins
  • World Bosses adjusted and connected to the crafting system
  • New elite skills for all classes
  • New dungeons
  • New areas
  • Three new battlegrounds
  • Introduction of a guild instance
  • Improvements to the profession system

So send us a tweet and get your fireboot priest, NOW! And don’t fret if it takes a while. We’re pretty busy around here, these days. We’ll get them to you ASAP.

Also, here’s a video showcasing Chapter V. Enjoy.

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