Square Enix Releases A New Trailer For Heroes Of Ruin

Posted by on June 19, 2012 at 12:01 am

Heroes of Ruin – A Diabloesque adventure game for the 3DS

Heroes of Ruin, the upcoming title for the Nintendo 3DS has gotten itself a new bit of video showing clips of gameplay.

The game, developed by N Space and being published by Square Enix – London, allows you to build a customized mercenary and play with up to 3 other players at a time.

The game will also allow you to trade items with other players for a fully customizable character experience and lets you experience diverse and scenic environments.

Here’s what Square Enix has to say:


War raged for over a hundred years until strong, powerful Lords emerged from the fighting to bring a fragile peace to the land. This peace is threatened when one of the Lords, Ataraxis, ruler of the city of Nexus, is taken ill by a deadly curse. A call is sent out, promising rewards beyond measure for anyone who finds a cure. Four mercenaries, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and motivations answer the call. One uses forbidden spells to rain death on her foes, one has guns and bombs to blast his way through, another has a mighty sword capable of slicing through entire packs of enemies, and one other gains strength from savagely tearing through anything that stands in his way with brutal, bladed fists. These unlikely heroes can choose to create a fearsome alliance or venture forth from the city alone. Beyond the safety of the city the land is filled with strange and dangerous creatures, but none as deadly as the evil force behind the curse, which the heroes must eventually confront and destroy.

  • Seamless drop in and out 4-player cooperative multiplayer with voice chat
  • Create and develop your mercenary with new combat abilities weapons and armor
  • Test your combat skills and earn rewards by taking on new daily challenges

Though I haven’t had a chance to see the game (primarily because we don’t have a 3DS in the equipment locker), the trailers, gameplay footage and screenshots I’ve seen look gorgeous. We’ve never picked up a 3DS because…well because we haven’t but I’m rather tempted to go out and grab one now, just to have a play through this title when it releases on July 17th.

Check out the trailer, below.

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