Castle Story, An Exciting New Minecraft-ish Strategy Game, Beats Kickstarter Goal On First Day

Posted by on July 30, 2012 at 9:38 am

Build, my minions! Build!

When Kelly tipped me off to this a few months ago, I was immediately excited. Take a classic real-time strategy game like Command & Conquer or Stronghold and implement brick-by-brick detail. Or, take Minecraft and zoom out a bit, allowing you to command workers to build your structures exactly as you see fit. Throw in a dash of Dungeon Keeper or even The Settlers and you have Sauropod Studios’ Castle Story, which is already making bank months from release. Another indie gaming smash in the making?

After the generous buzz around the unveiling of their game earlier this year, the trio of Montrealites quit their jobs and formed Sauropod Studios, beginning work on Castle Story full-time. But like any good project, the team eventually needed to raise money and as others are wont to do, announced they’d be bringing a Kickstarter to the masses with promises of beta access (read: access to the game forever, just like Minecraft) and merchandise. With a meager goal of $80,000 to cover hosting, food, and equipment costs, eager fans cleared them in a single day and with an extra twenty-four hours have brought them to nearly a quarter-million dollars, a pace that makes Penny Arcade’s Kickstarter look underwhelming.

Castle Story gets me absolutely giddy. I’ve been pining for a game that simulates construction like this for years. Your goal is to build a castle complex to defend against invading enemies. Not quite Tower Defense, (maybe closer to Harvest: Massive Encounter?) the way you build your complex either above or below ground is entirely up to you. Each item is mined or chopped down, then crafted and laid down individually in your structure by ‘bricktrons’, which look like marshmallow Peeps. Then it appears your bricktrons can be trained into different roles like swordsmen or archers. Physics even take hold as structures can be toppled when enough support is destroyed. Ladies and gentlemen, let me re-emphasize: I am giddy.

As soon as we can get some hands-on coverage for you, you know we’ll be your best source for Castle Story impressions!

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