EA Brings Us 20 Minutes Of Dead Space 3

Posted by on July 11, 2012 at 4:10 pm

In snow, no one can hear you scream…

I can only presume that this twenty minute slice of Dead Space 3 is what we would’ve seen at E3 had EA not forgotten our invitations. Regardless, they’re now unveiling a huge chunk of their new snow-bound Dead Space sequel and it seems the more things change, the more they look like Gears of War. Wait, hang on…

I was super excited about the start of the Dead Space franchise in 2008 as it was originally built as a spiritual resuscitation of System Shock. This was also at a time when EA was transitioning away from licensed titles and forging new franchises. This happened to be the scary one/the one that took advantage of Resident Evil 4’s success. With Dead Space 2, EA found success in making the game super scar-ier, but it seems that they’re ready to open the franchise to a bunch of people they hadn’t been targeting before. The first two games (and the Android game) have done a good job keeping me at bay, but after watching this video, it seems that, especially with the inclusion of human opponents and cover, we’re definitely going for a more action-y vibe, which while only technically tangential from what they had been offering, creates a whole new feel to the game.

EA, we’re waiting for our close-up.

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