Let’s Play Minecraft: Stonecraft Sky Edition

Posted by on July 9, 2012 at 4:09 pm

I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and show off my Minecraft playing skills by recording me playing maps that people have created. This is my very first one and I’m playing Stonecraft Sky Edition. The map is a survival map on a stone island. The end goal of the map is to cover the entire thing in dirt. The catch is there is very little dirt on the surface so I think I’m going underground to find the dirt.

I’ve posted two episodes on YouTube so far and have them embedded below. I’m hoping to have a new episode up every other day so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel here. I’ll be crossing off the goals as I hit them!

Rules & Goals:

  1. Play on atleast normal
  2. No mods/hacks/Fly
  3. No spawning items
  4. You may Not kill your self to regain hunger/health
  5. To win You must cover all the island With Grass And at least 30 Trees!


  1. Fully cover the Island With dirt/grass (rules to win)
  2. Build your home at least 15×15 blocks From Stone (no cobble)
  3. Find all the 15 chests
  4. Build a Modern City With 20 Houses That are From Smooth stone and are 7×7
  5. Build All kind of farm on a 20×20 Land
  6. Build a Mob trap
  7. Craft a full set of Diamond Tools/armor
  8. Build an obsidian Bunker (hard one)
  9. Build a Statue Of your self in the City
  10. Build a large Minecart Station That travels From your base To all the island
  11. Catch and cook 20 fishes
  12. Reach the Nether! And Build a Small Base Near or on the Portal in the nether
  13. Find all Spawners total 5 You may Destroy or Make it a trap for your self
  14. Build 2 Brick Fire Places
  15. Craft 10 mushroom stews
  16. Make 2 large mushrooms 2 of each kind
  17. Make a house out of red mushroom
  18. Have 1 full double chests of iron ingots (Again there is Iron But Hard to find)
  19. Enchant a sword and pickaxe on enchant lvl 15
  20. Slay zombies and collect 128 rotten flesh
  21. Slay skeletons and collect 100 bones or 300 bonemeal
  22. Slay spiders and collect 50 strings and 30 spider eye
  23. Slay creepers and collect 60 gunpowder
  24. Slay endermen and collect 16 ender pearl
  25. Slay Zombie pigmen and collect 70 gold nuggets (Do not convert Gold ignot to nuggets This is cheating)
  26. Slay Ghasts and collect 20 Ghast tears
  27. Enchant a better pickaxe/sword of Diamonds Lvl 30
  28. Make an automatic Cobble stone generator! Not normal
  29. Create An automatic Melon Farm that support 10 seeds
  30. Create An automatic Reed farm that support 25 reeds
  31. Clear All 2 Dungeons
  32. Discover the Mystic Lapis Vine (its very large)
  33. Get 20 diamonds.
  34. Craft 24 Cookies!
  35. Brew 10 Poison 2 Splash potions
  36. Build a Large Tree House with a Large Tree
  37. Light All the Island With Torches So no mobs will spawn

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