Planetside 2 – The Full Trailer

Posted by on July 25, 2012 at 8:37 pm

The New Conglomerate, Whoopin that ass!

That’s right, kiddies – the full version of the three and a half minute Planetside 2 “Death is no Excuse” trailer from Sony Online Entertainment just dropped and we’ve got it here for your viewing enjoyment.

Check it out!

I’m not going to spew a whole bunch of nonsense about how much I love Planetside 2, yet…I’ll let you watch the video first and then I’ll get to it.


Sooooooooooo…yeah. That was intense.

I’m super impressed with Sony Online Entertainment and what they’ve done with this trailer. It looks amazing, it SOUNDS amazing (especially on my supah-groovy Altec Lansing surround system here) and, what’s more? It’s for what’s going to be an amazing game.

I’ve been following Planetside 2 for quite some time now and had a chance to play it at E3, where I promptly fell madly in love with it and promised that I would hold it and cuddle it and make it sandwiches for ever and ever. The graphics are slick, the sounds are great and the amount of detail they’ve put in to the game is stunning.

No, seriously…The first time I watched a tank round explode and saw the shockwaves coming off of it, my mind was blown.

Now, we’re getting really close to beta and soon after that it will be launch time and we’ll be cleaning Terran Republic and Vanu Sovereignty clocks as we bring home the big win for the New Conglomerate.


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