Robot Rising: Finally, A Facebook Game For Gamers [VIDEO]

Posted by on July 18, 2012 at 8:49 am

3D graphics and Diablo-esque gameplay in a Facebook title? Whaaaaa…

Are you tired of cartoony, energy-based 2D Facebook games that treat you far more like an object than anyone who could actually enjoy a genuine gaming experience? We agree, and so does developer Stomp Games, a division of Chinese Tencent’s Boston office. Their first game, Robot Rising, is currently in deep beta (you can apply on their web site) and not due out until later this year, but it already looks extremely promising.

If you haven’t heard of Tencent, don’t fret. In essence, they’re a Chinese Zynga and from what we see here with Robot Rising, they seem to have far more respect for Facebook gamers than Zynga does. Not only is Tencent Boston loaded with former studio heads and industry talent, from Ensemble and Iron Lore to EA, but they’re starting with a game that someone would actually play and then building the Facebook experience around it. The game’s hackathon-style gameplay and science-fiction setting look perfect for Diablo and Torchlight fans and while we don’t have any deets for you today, we look forward to bringing you some about the game in the near future.

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