Did You Buy Dead Island? Chances Are It Was For The Co-op

Posted by on August 15, 2012 at 8:46 am


We found it necessary to search not one, but two retailers to find copies of Dead Island when it released a year ago. Everyone was hot for it; we definitely were. To date, the game has pushed four million copies, becoming Techland’s biggest game ever with players logging 6500 years of game time. Why was the game so successful? Because of the co-op.

It’s hard to believe, but Dead Island was announced back in 2007 and then super disappeared. After the release of a violent and splashy trailer, the hype machine kicked up through the roof. What landed was more of a sack of bricks of resembling a game in part, but it held together for the most part. There was never a point in Dead Island where you felt, 100%, that everything was working well, whether in the vehicle and weapons handling to quests that broke and the bugs. Oh, the bugs. Kelly and I played through the bulk of it and somehow the game was pretty playable despite itself. The whole experience began to fall apart as soon as we moved onto the city stages in which defeating trains of zombies in tight corridors became the norm. Still, I’m hopeful that the inevitable sequel allows Techland to really take their time and make a super awesome experience. We’ll be waiting for it.

Source: Joystiq

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