Planetside 2 Beta Blowing WIDE OPEN Today

Posted by on August 24, 2012 at 1:03 pm

It’s time to get some!

WHAT WHAT WHAT?! What just happened right now?! The Planetside 2 beta is opening to ALL priority keys today, that’s what!

Did you read that correctly? Did I TYPE that correctly? YES on both counts.

So here’s the deal. A week ago John Smedley commented on his twitter that the vets were getting let in this past Monday and that the rest of the priority key holders would be getting let in after approximately 1 – 2 weeks. That was good news for all of the priority key holders, which include all of the E3 keys, PC Gamer keys, and many of the twitter keys which were handed out. Over the last week, Sony Online Entertainment has been playing their own game feverishly and working constantly to make improvements to performance, gameplay, graphics, operations, the gamin systems, their servers and everything else associated with this massive title.

Bring on the masses!

There’s a patch which is being rolled out, today and the beta servers SHOULD be coming online around 2pm PST, at which time we’ll all get to see what all of the new improvements have done for the game. They’ll also be starting up the press beta, which means that members of the media from around the world will be able to start making videos, prepping articles and even live streaming, in some cases.

We at FleshEatingZipper will, of course, be expanding our coverage of Planetside 2 as the beta continues to open up and embargoes are lifted so make sure you keep checking back with us for more of Sony Online Entertainment’s smash MMORPG hit!

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