SOE Launches Planetside 2 Beta, Releases Another Command Center Video

Posted by on August 6, 2012 at 10:08 pm


That’s right, kids…the Planetside 2 beta has been launched and folks from all over the world have started getting their invitational emails, instructing them where to go and what to do, to get their hands on the beta client and start playing.

While not everyone with priority keys has gotten their invite at this point, Sony Online Entertainment is rolling them out as quickly as possible. This is a time consuming and laborious process and with so many people waiting to get their fingers into the beta, time gets eaten up pretty quickly.

I know several people who have gotten their invites and have gotten the client downloaded and installed but, alas, it seems that those are all people who have current subs to the game. According to John Smedley, the order for beta access will be PS1 current subscribers followed by PS1 vets followed by priority beta keys.


Who will get invites and in what order…

As could be expected, there are some issues with the beta. The login servers are having some trouble and it seems there may be some issues with the client, which are being worked on as this is being written. We’re not sure when the beta servers are going to go live but according to John Smedley, it will likely be sometime around 10am PST on the 7th of August. In the mean time, they will be working to hash out the issues they’re having with the login servers and the client.

Here’s the deal with the time frame. Don’t be mad!

So there’s that. If you’re holding your breath, stop…because you’re going to pass out and look silly. Things will sort themselves out in due time!

Also, here’s the new Command Center Video!

Last point: I see a LOT of people taking a run at John Smedley on Twitter, because the beta isn’t rocking now, with some people even going so far as to bitch at him because they took the day off from work for the beta.

PROTIP : It’s a BETA, people…It is still in testing. TESTING. It is not a finished product and NOTHING is guaranteed. If you’re so daffy that you’d take time off of work for the “opening day” of a BETA, that’s on you, not on the developer / publisher.

Get over it

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