Still Playing Minecraft: Trial of the Amiaba Ruins – Part 3!

Posted by on August 2, 2012 at 9:25 pm

Look who’s on fire now?

That’s right everyone we are still playing Trial of the Amiaba Ruins. The fun still hasn’t stopped as we make our way through the final areas before the finale. Nick gets me back by lighting me on fire, we give up on a puzzle and play baseball with each others bodies. You don’t want to miss what we get ourselves into this time.

After giving up on a puzzle, Nick traps me in a maze and has to make a tough decision that he almost doesn’t tell me about. After that we come into a giant room with pillars and a ring of fire. It doesn’t take us long to figure it out but we struggled a little bit with timing. We then make it to a parkour challenge that lets us decide who gets the harder versions. The final challenge test our ability to communicate as Nick rides a minecart calling colors out for me to switch the tracks up. You know being us, it wasn’t too difficult to get through.

We finally end when we come up against a giant IRON DOOR. Take a look for yourself!

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