Strikefleet Omega Review: Great Space Strategy For Your Android Tablet

Posted by on August 1, 2012 at 9:44 am

No Space Battlecruiser Yamato’s here!

I’ve been dying for a fun space strategy game on any platform for ages and recent offerings have been a bit flat. But the fact that are so few decent non-tower defense titles on phones/tablets kills me because the touch screen is perfect for that style of game. Strikefleet Omega is, reduced, a freemium tower defense game, something that would’ve thrown me off if someone had explained it to me that way, but instead, I’ve found a flashy little game that’s super fun to play and willing to swallow up your free time… if you have a tablet, that is.

Left: You’ll end up flicking a lot of ships out to counter your foes. Right: There are plenty of missions on the galactic map to keep you busy.

Just like the opening moments of Titan A.E. (or if the stretch must be made, Homeworld or Battlestar Galactica), Earth is blown up after a super-effective tutorial mission that introduces you to a number of the game’s mechanics before you’re forced to gather them back over the next few missions. You have a mothership to defend and can summon support vessels and starfighter carriers to formation around it. You launch your fighters by dragging your finger away from a carrier ship’s “diamond” and trace out their patrol route out like Flight Control. If you have artillery ships, you merely click on the spot you want the round to go and there you are. Missions are typically five minutes tops and enemies deploy in rounds from any angle; how well you handle them will be based on effective ship deployment, both for your carriers and fighters. There’s not a lot of strategy early on, more finger dragging than anything, but as you begin to fill out your repertoire and the enemy diversifies, you’ll need to make more discrete choices about what you bring to the field. How many mining ships do you deploy so you can quickly deploy other ships? Do you bring more artillery or deploy more fighters? My only complaint is that I wish you could zoom out ever slightly at times to re-gain your bearings.

Microtransactions, yo.

Since Strikefleet Omega is a freemium title, it follows a dual-currency system similar to other titles. Alloys can be gathered simply by completing missions and progression is possible without needing to invest in the game, unlike some other games. The second currency, MegaCreds, are doled out rarely and grant you access to super-variants of ships (read: cheat codes) that you’d normally be able to acquire by simply playing the game. Thankfully, the microtransaction pistol is never forced to your temple to play the game, which is welcome. The game features a rather lengthy campaign to keep you busy with plenty of upgrades and ships to acquire along the way.

Strikefleet Omega is a clever strategy game that can be enjoyed in bite-sized portions and features incredible production values to boot. It’s a freemium game that doesn’t insult your intelligence or your patience and I hope more of these titles come down the pipe. Make it happen, 6waves.

9/10 FleshEatingZipper

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