World Of Warcraft’s Mists Of Pandaria Introduction Is Here, Featuring Cute Fighting Pandas!

Posted by on August 16, 2012 at 10:28 pm

It’s cool. Y’know, I’m just a panda.

Although some would say that fleshing out a race of anthropomorphic pandas might be stretching the Warcraft universe a little thin and the tongue-in-cheek implementation might feel completely unofficial, I say: who cares? PANDAS, MAN. Today, Blizzard unveiled the cinematic trailer for the upcoming fourth expansion to their big ol’ game they have. World of something-or-another.

Like many other MMOs, the tide of World of Warcraft’s population waxes and wanes on the delivery of new content. By far the most-played MMO in history (to the detriment of several), the sway is often in the millions of players, larger than the player bases of most MMOs out there to begin with. As the trailer begins, humans and orcs blast each other at sea, they wind up along a ragged shoreline where they instantly begin to scuffle and rip up the place. When a mythical Pandaren appears, wise with the knowledge of quasi-Eastern arts, well, I don’t need to spoil everything.

I haven’t played the game regularly in seven years, but while this won’t sway me back to the pool, there’ll be plenty of people lining up for midnight releases around the country – nay, the world! – to experience this new continent as soon as possible.

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