Far Cry 3 Monkey Business Pack

Posted by on September 14, 2012 at 9:15 pm

Ok, normally I don’t care about pre-order incentives when you got to this place or this place. I usually just delete the email. Ubisoft did it right though with this exclusive pre-order incentive for GameStop. They got the guy who did the Honey Badger video to narrate this video and it just works. “Meet Hurk, an exclusive quest-giver that straps monkeys with explosives and sends them to blow-up his enemies. Now when you pre-order at GameStop for Xbox 360® or PlayStation®3, you’ll get four bonus missions and two multiplayer humiliations with Hurk and his monkeys. Watch the new trailer now, featuring Randall from the Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger.”

The pre-order gets you 4 extra missions and 2 more ways to kill people in multiplayer. That seems like quite a bit extra for a pre-order incentive, most times its like an avatar award or an upgraded gun at the start. You can’t tell them that this video doesn’t want to make you go pre-order this game from GameStop right now. GameStop did not pay us to write this but I wouldn’t turn down a check if they wanted to slide it our way. Far Cry 3 is out December 4th!

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