First Video Dev Diary for Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour

Posted by on September 14, 2012 at 7:30 pm

Plan, Execute, Win.

The Hit WWII strategy game Hearts of Iron is getting its third expansion, on September 26th in the form of “Their Finest Hour”. The Risk-esqe title is getting a number of new tools, units and options added to it and the developers have released a nice video diary detailing some of the changes which are coming up. You can see that at the end of this article.

The video released today was the first of 3 planned video diaries. In it, Project Lead Dan Lind walks you through some of the additional content the expansion will bring to you when the expansion releases later this month.

This will be your first look at the custom game mode that will allow you to create alternate scenarios for your own historical sandbox, and the multiplayer planning tool that will help you share your plans for world domination or world liberation with your allies.

If you’d like, you can read all of the developer diaries for Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour here:

The expansion “Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour’ is developed by Paradox Development Studio and is set to release on all major digital download portals with a bang the 26th of September!

Here’s the vidoc. Enjoy it, and then go make some war!

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