FleshEatingZipper Has A Minecraft Server, Pics And Invite Inside!

Posted by on September 28, 2012 at 4:46 pm

Welcome to Ravine City!

We at FleshEatingZipper are no strangers to Minecraft. We’d run a server before, but it wasn’t on dedicated hardware. Now that we’re capable of doing so, we now have a permanent server that we’ll be able to do crazy stuff with and guess what? We want you in here, too! Let me bring you up to speed with our progress and we’ll show you how to get in on this slice of sexy Minecraft action!

Humble beginnings!

Ravine City

Just to clear the air, our server is running as close to vanilla Survival mode as possible. We’re not inserting a lot of mods, aside from those that will protect the player from other players, so it’s a pretty raw experience.

When you enter a brand new Minecraft realm, your first order of business is shelter. Since we’d planned on having a number of us on the server at once, there’s always questions about where to lay the settlement out. In previous instances, we’ve flattened and squared off an entire island or we’ve demolished huge hills to create a large enough space for everyone to settle into. This time around was a little easier. Only a few steps from our spawn point was massive fissure in the field that fed tons of tunnels and antechambers. We scrambled to set up shop.

This chamber will become our tree farm, I’ll show you that later.

Of course, when there’s a half-dozen people on the server and you’re just getting started, food becomes an immediate hassle, especially when you spend lots of time burrowing out tunnels. We spent hours carving away at the natural deformations of the cavern and have figured out some footpaths for people to get around. While it’s a natural ravine with quick access to raw Creeper territory, Ravine City (natch) is a save haven for those looking to build their home into.

Cody and Kelly engage in high-level conversation.

We’re preparing for a population boom!


My mansion. Yeah, we even have a lit glass ceiling and climate controls.

Personally, I haven’t invested in building a house for myself in several iterations. When I was working on Vergecraft’s Oceana, I kept all my stuff in locked chests in a distant low-level corner of the pyramid, but I’d stopped working on the mega-project before I could make my own home. So, I settled on the farthest corner of the ravine and began building that up. I was really going for a Lost Crusade-meets-Apple store vibe. No Holy Grails inside, though.

Remember that humble shack earlier carved into the wall? This is the After shot.

Here’s that tree farm!

It was you or me, Globby. I chose me!

How To Get Into Ravine City!

We haven’t quite opened our doors to the public yet, but we want to grant you some first-access kinda stuff right now. Our server address is and we are implementing a whitelist. There are some expectations though and bear in mind, this is not all-inclusive:

  • The server will remain Survival and continue (mostly) unmodded.
  • Be respectful of other players.
  • Griefing will result in banning. We will be very strict about this.
  • Don’t build stupid shit. Seriously, don’t build one-block-wide structures into the sky, that’s just annoying.
  • Respect the grounds of Ravine City and don’t build above it.

So what do you need to do to get in? Answer these questions three in the comments below and as we’re able to start adding, you’ll be granted access:

  • Your Minecraft name
  • Why you want to be on our Minecraft server. What will you contribute?
  • Any previous servers you may have been on.

Best of luck all, look forward to mining with you in the future!

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