Robots And Pencils Prepped To Launch “Heartland”

Posted by on September 27, 2012 at 10:48 pm

The Horse Texterer?

I’m gonna be honest with you…I don’t know what to think about this one. We got notice today that Robots and Pencils is getting ready to launch a new title on iOS and that it’s going to be called heartland. These things, I’m totally ok with. Then I read on a bit more and discovered that it’s a ranch management game and my brain took a major left turn.

So, obviously I won’t be playing this one because I don’t own an iOS capable device. If it were to come out for Android, I might consider checking it out for review purposes but I’m going to be blunt here and say that such a thing simply isn’t my cup of tea. I never played farmville or any of those other animal type games because they are only capable of holding my interest right up until the moment that I want to turn the cows into steaks and after that my tum-tum starts grumbling and I can’t think anymore.

In this release it seems you will be helping a girl named Amy work her ranch and train her horses. The game will include a number of different stables and…well, that’s all I know about it so here’s a glimpse at the release we received. Hope you enjoy!

Hot off its successful launch of “Spy vs Spy” for iOS, Robots and Pencils announced today that it will be bringing its ranch-management game “Heartland” to iOS platforms this fall.

Based on the hit CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) show of the same name, “Heartland” allows horse lovers to indulge in hours of fun in eight original stable locations around the world. The new season of “Heartland” starts on September 30 on CBC, while the game is set for launch this fall.

“Heartland” takes horse care and pampering to the next level with:

  • 50 Challenging Horse Moments
  • 8 Unique Stables
  • 6 Horse and Rancher Types
  • Over 65 Unique Upgradeable Horse Care Stations

“Heartland” launches on the iTunes App Store this fall for iPhone and iPad.

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