The Game Genome Is To Android Games As Pandora Is To Music

Posted by on September 26, 2012 at 9:58 am

Select some stuff, find some games!

It’s not a problem exclusive to Android, but finding games in the Play Store, especially ones you actually want to play, can be a trial. Sure, you can claw up and down the Top Selling lists, but then you’re just seeking better-selling versions of what you might be into. And then you’re missing out on games just because they’re not selling right there and then. And you can search web sites and read reviews, but in the end, you just don’t have enough info. So how do you solve the Recommendation issue? You get something the Game Genome project.

If you’re familiar with Pandora, you sorta get the idea. That service started as the Music Genome Project, in which songs were assigned a number of traits so they could be easily identifiable. Pandora took that data and turned it into a recommendation engine based on music and songs you put in. The GGP does the same thing, but with Android games. And while it doesn’t automate the process based on which games you enjoy, it’s easy enough to manually insert traits (whether you want something fast-paced or science-fiction-themed, for instance) and then get recommendations. You can give it a shot at the link below and while only four traits of a full fifteen are available to chop through, it’s still plenty strong enough to get some good Android games quick.

Source: The Game Genome, TechCrunch

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