Worms Revolution Presents Warring Worms, In-Game Movie

Posted by on September 20, 2012 at 7:57 pm


Worms Revolution is just around the corner and I thought you could use another video to tide you over until it’s release. “Don Keystone reflects on the evolution of the worms known as Wormius Fisticuffius. Notice how they have developed from pixelated, pink stick-like creatures into the menace they are today.”

Worms has been one of those super fun casual games where you get to blow up your friends worms without killing your worms, of course. You get all kinds of crazy weapons to either help you win or cause your demise. I’ve always loved playing the Worms games and can’t wait to play Worms Revolution! Check out the last installment of the in-game movies below and if you haven’t seen the others they are below that as well.

Worms Revolution Introduction with Don Keystone

Public Information Film with Don Keystone

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