Are You Ready For XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC?

Posted by on October 25, 2012 at 6:51 pm

Want to play a game of Lucky Hit?

This announcement came two days ago and the only explanation for why I haven’t reported on it yet is that it has boggled my mind. Downloadable content for an X-COM (or XCOM) game? Bizarre. Knocked me flat on my ass. When you have an expansion for a game like Civilization – not coincidentally, made by the same people – you get access to whole new civilizations, techs, and so on that would augment future play-throughs. If you’re half-way through Enemy Unknown right now, you might get access to this if you’ve bought it, but if you’re done with the game, do you dare dive back in?

The new content, titled ‘Slingshot’, grants you a trio of new Council side-missions that form a story arc in China as well as a new, unique agent named Zhang to facilitate it. Through the progression of the, at times rail-esque, missions, the Council missions were a welcome diversion. I had hopes of starting a new XCOM Ironman game when my time had cleared up, so these missions would be a clever addition, but for those already well into a twenty to thirty-hour campaign might not even see the content. I suppose I never understood the point of this kind of content when I was one-and-done with games like this, but 2K and Firaxis are bringing it to you soon. Bonus points: it’ll be a neat inclusion for the inevitable Game of the Year edition for those who didn’t snap up the game in the first place.

Pricing and availability were, unfortunately, unavailable.

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