Check Out Dishonored’s Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Trailer

Posted by on October 4, 2012 at 3:53 pm

To kill or not to kill.

Bethesda has just released an interactive video for Dishonored. A choose your own adventure, the trailer offers a full series of interactive videos – including a branch that allows for a non-violent playthrough. I’ve gone through it a few times trying out the violent and non-violent paths. It’s a pretty slick way to show off the gameplay and what to expect from the game. I got to tell you the spring razor traps are awesome!

Throughout the interactive trailer you may see an annotation pop-up for e brief second. These are codes for a giveaway. I’m not sure where they go, they are too short for Xbox and PS3 said it was invalid. If you find one and figure out where it goes, sound off in the comments or forums below!

Make sure you check it out in full screen HD goodness!

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