Dishonored Review: The Most Original Game of the Year

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Killing is so fun!

Dishonored is an extremely fun first-person stealth game set in a steampunk-esque world where you play as Corvo Attano, a supernatural assassin and personal guard of the empress and her daughter. At the beginning of the game you witness the murder of the empress and the kidnapping of her daughter. You can’t do anything about it and you have been blamed for both crimes. What do you do next? You get revenge in any way you want to.

The biggest thing I hate about stealthy games is when you are actually trying to be stealthy. Getting stuck against a wall to peek around a corner or stuck against a barricade to stay in cover. It always pisses me of when I’m trying to break away. In Dishonored you don’t have that problem, just duck down or hide behind a wall and you’re good. There is a downside to this that I noticed pretty early on. You don’t know if you are really being hidden. In games where you are stuck against a wall and peek around a corner you can be staring right an enemy watching their movements and you are good, they won’t see you. I tried this and it worked until the guard got closer, then he noticed me. Shit. Reload.

The empress’ daughter, Emily, who you are trying to rescue.

I wanted to play through the game as stealthy and non-lethal as possible after being told in game that the more people you kill the more weepers (zombie like people) there would be and the darker the ending. After many times of reloading after being seen and guards alerted I got a little upset. I changed from non-lethal to deadly. If I saw a guard that started to notice me, I would blink (short distance teleportation) to his face and then stab him. Oh, that is so satisfying.

Dishonored makes killing people so easy and fun! What I love about the game is when you blink, coming out of it the game goes from slow motion to normal speed. Not only is it cool hearing that happen, it gives you plenty of time to kill more than one person if they are right next to each other. So at the end of a level I was told to just meet with a guy to go back to the safe house. I’m on a roof and could have easily gotten away not killing anyone but I was on a killing spree and everyone had to die. There I was on top of a roof tracking guards and their dogs patrolling. Blink, stab, stab, blink. That repeated until they were all dead.

How to Kill Creatively

You don’t start the game with super-natural abilities but the first one, blink, is given to you early in the game. You can upgrade and gain more powers by finding runes hidden throughout the levels. These runes can be located with a tracking heart that is also given to you. This tracker takes place of your weapon or ability so you can’t have it out all the time. This was no problem though. The other power-up you can get are called bone charms. These charms can help you out in various ways like extra health, mana recharges faster, being immune to the plague when bitten, etc.

There is not enough runes in game to get and upgrade all of the abilities and I found myself doing, blink, agility, dark vision and bend time. I got other later but those 4 were my main things. I also upgraded my crossbow to hold more bolts and shoot faster.

What it looks like while bending time.

The story of Dishonored, though sometimes predictable was good. There are a lot of characters so it’s a little hard to keep track and remember who’s, who but it all comes together really well. When facing “bosses” in Dishonored they are normal people that can easily be killed if you are near them. The great thing about this game though is that you have a choice, you can kill your target or find another way to deal with them non-lethally.

Like I was saying earlier in my first playthrough I was trying to be stealthy so if it didn’t require anything extra from me then I would do the non-lethal way, sometimes. Towards the end of the game I didn’t want to hear it. You did me dirty and now you die.

Yep, my first playthrough I got the dark ending achievement…

I couldn’t really find anything wrong with Dishonored unless I wanted to nit-pick. Sure, it’s a stealthy game and I should be able to kill any lights? That didn’t bother me. As soon as a guard is alerted all the guards from everywhere seems to come after you, maybe because I was playing on hard, but that was a little annoying. Some people don’t like the artwork. Personally, I thought it looked good. There were some parts where it looked like it was in more depth, like a pile of bodies, but when you got close it didn’t look that good. I still like the art direction in this more than I do of Borderlands even though I love Borderlands.

These guys don’t know they’re about to die!

There are so many subtle things that make this game even more special. The slow-mo back to normal after blinking is awesome. When running and turning you actually kind of lean, it’s like realistic, you don’t see that much in games.

All-in-all this is the most original game that has come out in a while and is something I couldn’t wait to play every day. I even had dreams that I was Corvo. I can’t wait to do more playthroughs and for these reasons, I have to give the game a perfect score and even though it’s still early, this is probably my game of the year.

10/10 FleshEatingZipper

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